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Body Biography Instructions and Template

Use this Prezi to create your own body biography!

Cassie Dodge

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Body Biography Instructions and Template

Body Biography
This body biography will be a visual representation of your character. You will focus on five body parts: the head, the heart, the backbone, the hands, and the feet. Each part signifies something important and different about your character. Instructions for each body part will be discussed further. Also, don't forgot to add background images to your Prezi that suggest something about the character's environment, background, or predicament. Use symbols and shapes from Prezi or images from Google. Be creative!
Near the character's head, you should place two or three direct quotations from the story that sum up the character and add to an understanding of the character.
Where should it be placed to best represent what this character loves most? What should it look like and what shape, color, pictures, or symbols should be included in it? If the character's love changes, you should find a way to represent this visually.
On what is the character standing? This should a symbolic representation of the character's most fundamental beliefs about life. King Lear, for example, has been portrayed standing on a crumbling rock labeled "respect for the elderly."
This should be represented in a way that visually conveys what motivates the character most. For example, students have represented Antigone's backbone as a chain connecting the word 'gods' at the top and 'people' at the bottom. Try to attach representations that you think convey what the character stands for.
What does the character hold in her or his hands? Items that are associated with the character either literally or figuratively should be included. Students have represented Ophelia as holding a handful of flowers, for example, and Creon holding a scroll with the words "MAN'S LAW" clutched in his fist.
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