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on 6 January 2014

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F&B accounting
The concept
Turn over
Net profit
Marketing plan
Prepared by:
Zino (Hoang Minh Khoi)
Rychen Liang
Henry (Heng Wang)
Tracy (Liujing Wu)
Danni Zheng

Restaurant’s scale: Medium
Products of Restaurant: Food and Beverage
Location of Restaurant: In the central of Montreux (Rue du Theatre 11, CH–1820 Montreux)

Our vision:
“We brings delicious food and wonderful beverage in a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our friends.”

1) Our restaurant is in business to create a gastronomy world.
2) To ensure that our guests will enjoy the best quality food and beverage.
3) To provide a professional and considerate service.
4) To give the good first impressions by the unique atmosphere
5) To maintain an unforgettable memories in our guests.
Vision and Aim of Restaurant
Mission Statement
In order to achieve the goals, our restaurant have to do the mission “Satisfaction of customer is our profit”.
Marketing research
Location: a famous destination in the world, located on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps attracted many tourists.
Strengths of restaurant site
1) Besides the Lake Geneva
2) near by the train station
1) unknown brand in Montreux
2) many competitors
Target markets
The competitors
1) Promotion
2) Advertising
3) Events
4) partners
Main course
Beverage menu
Red&white wine list
Christmas menu
Basic menu
Apple ball cocktail

8 choice apples
1 lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1cup white grapes
1/2 cup orange juice
Blueberry pumpkin muffins
2cups flour
1teaspoon baking soda
1teaspoon baking powder
1/2 spoon salt
Pack pumpkin
1cup blue berry
1cup milk

Italian canapé
1 medium sized onion
1 leek & 1 tomato
4 branches of parsley
5 tablespoons grated cheese
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of paprika
London beef bake
Steak 1 1/2 pound
All-purpose flour-1 ounce
Fat 1 Ounce (For Seasoning)
Onions 2 Medium, chopped (For Seasoning)
Water 1 Pint (For Seasoning)
Tomato puree-1/2-1 tablespoon
Carrots 2 (For Seasoning)
Butter 1 1/2 Ounce (For the topping)
White crumbs-2 ounces
Crispier chicken
1 (4 pound) chicken, cut into pieces
1 cup buttermilk
2 cups all-purpose flour for coating
1 teaspoon paprika salt and pepper to
taste 2 quarts vegetable oil for frying

ham glazes
10-12 lb fully cooked ham glaze
1can fruit cocktail in heavy syrup
1 tbsp minced crystallized ginger
1tsp whole cloves

Boston cream pie
Strawberry trifles
Special menu- Christmas
Beef Tea
Cafe Au Lait
Canned Fruit Juices
Afternoon tea
Champagne Afternoon Tea
Celebration Tea
Restaurant design
our restaurant are designed by European classic traditional element which includes lighting, color and materials

Main target:
Not only providing delicious food but also harmonious ambiance

relaxing, comfortable
fresh feeling.
brown and bright colors

Accommodating 240people
18 round tables & 22 long tables
The overall layout of the restaurant
Right side: the problem of fumes & create noisy
Kitchen layouts
ornamental plants introduced indoor environment not only play a decorative effect,
but also to the usual indoor environment creates a natural atmosphere.
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