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Justyna Kowalczyk - j.ang

No description

Ada Kadziewicz

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Justyna Kowalczyk - j.ang

She has always had a flair for sport.
Her first PE teacher, Janusz Kałużny noticed that
& developed into real passion. Justyna Kowalczyk was born in Limanowa, in the south of Poland,

on19th January 1983 However, according to the official documents,
she was born on 23rd January,
so she can celebrate her birthday twice.
Yet, she celebrates only the first date,
because she feels closer to
a stubborn Capricorn
than to Aquarius. She is the youngest child
of Janina & Józef Kowalczyk

She has two elder sisters (Wioletta & Ilona)
and one brother (Tomasz) First, she competed in
flat cross-country races, as well as
volleyball & handball tournaments The person, who convinced her to take up skiing was
Stanisław Mrowca, her first coach
at MARATON Mszana Dolna Club, which she joined
at the age of 14. The following year,
Justyna promised that
if she were the junior Polish champion,
she would start to train ski racing professionally.

Fortunately, 6 months later
she became the champion
& she has kept her promise ever since. She started attending the Athletic Championship School in Zakopane
against her parents' will, as they wanted her to become a lawyer.
The time spent in that boarding school was quite hard, not only because of endless trainings, but also other schoolmates, who felt envious for her much better results. Although Ludwik Tokarz was her main coach
at the High School in Zakopane,
this talented teenager
attracted the attention of the national team coach Aleksander Wierietielny.
That is how the winning duet was created. In December 2001
Justyna debiuted in the World Cup
& in her second race
she surprised everybody
by scoring the first Grand Prix point.

Year after year
she was getting better & better Unfortunately, in 2005, Justyna was disqualified for 2 years for taking
banned medicines.
After submitting her appeal,
the Ski Federation
shortened her punishment to 6 months. Her comeback was amazing.
On 7th January 2006 she won
her first (bronze) medal
in the World Cup.
It was in Estonia, which has been one of her favourite places
on earth till now. Justyna Kowalczyk -
- the pride of Polish sport Soon after,
at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games
in Turyn,
she won a bronze medal
for 30 km in skating technique. Gold, silver & bronze medals,
won at Vancouver
2010 Winter Olympics
made her a star
world running routes. Up to now, she has had
25 world victories
in various types of ski races,
both long distances & sprint Including the latest World Cup
10 km classic race
in Lahti, Finland
on 10th March 2013,
where she beat her main rival
Marit Bjoergen (from Norway) Justyna has won: GOLD MEDALS
the only ski runner
to win Tour de Ski
4 times in a row. She has won
The Cross-Country World Cup
3 times in a row
& is about to win it again
this year Kowalczyk has been the winner of
The Polish Cross-Country Championship
29 times As she spends almost all the time practising
... nobody knows when she finds time to learn... But she does! In 2009 she graduated from
university & obtained MA in Physical Education.
What is more, she is planning to start PhD studies. However, her main goal is to win gold medals
during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia...

I hope,
you will also keep your fingers crossed for her,
along with all the inhabitants of her
home village Kasina Wielka

& millions of Polish fans! GOOD LUCK
Justyna !
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