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Torsten Raupach

on 4 December 2009

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Transcript of Timeline

Development Of Canada Timeline Louis Riel Summer 1869 Led the Metis in Red River when he was just 24
Commanded Metis in Red River Rebellion
Set up a provisional government
Wrote Bill Of Rights and helped write List of Rights
Exiled to US after after being banished from Canada
Returned in the summer of 1884
After peaceful negotiations fail, a rebellion starts
Riel is found guilty of high treason and was hanged on Nov.16 1885 Arrival of Land Surveyors at Red River 1868 The land surveyors arrived too early because the HBC
and the Canadian Government knew they had made a decision long before the negotiations were over
They began to lay out the grids and they thought
that the Metis didn't own their property
This led to the Red River Rebellion Purchase of Rupert's Land Nov. 19th, 1869 Canada wanted a dominion which would strech from sea to sea
and the HBC wanted to get rid of Ruperts Land
The HBC never told the people of Red River about selling the land
to Canada
They made the deal to sell but Canadian surveyors were already in
Red River, preparing the land
The Metis got mad at the land surveyors and they chased them away Canada after the purchase of Rupert's land Provisional Government Winter 1869 Riel set up a provisional government in order for the Red River occupants to keep their rights and traditions after the area was transferred to Canadian authority.
Riel made a provisional government to maintain order and negotiate an agreement, which was to let Red River enter Confederation as Manitoba.
Riel was scared if Governor McDougall took charge of Red River than he would ignore the Metis and give most of the power to the Canadian Party. Metis List Of Rights Dec. 1st, 1869 Metis created the List of Rights
Governor MacDougall wanted to take all Metis rights away so then the Metis created this list
It was adopted at a meeting in Fort Garry Execution of Thomas Scott March 4th, 1870 He was held prisoner in Fort Garry by the Metis
While in his cell he swore endlessly at the guards and he was very open about his anti-Metis views
He also threatened to kill Louis Riel
Metis executed him on March 4th, 1870 Creation Of Manitoba May 2nd, 1870 John A. Macdonald recognizes Metis pleas for a land grant
He comprimises and gives them 200,000 hectares of land
The government passes creation of Manitoba in 1870 on May 2nd
Government sends a force of 1200 men to keep province in check
This prevents the Metis from having any freedom and Riel flees Riel Flees to the U.S. August 1870 Macdonald sends 1200 troop to Red River
Riel fled Red River in fear of arrest or worse....much worse, muhahahaha
Canadian government banned him from Canada for 5 years
Riel goes into exile in the USA for 15 years Metis Flee West Early 1870's Canadian government tried to change the Metis system
They had to have scrip (which was a small piece of paper similar to money) in order to get land
The land speculators took all the scrip
As a result the Metis flee from Manitoba and head west. Native Treaties 1 & 2 August 1871 The government agreed to teach the Metis about farming and give them the supplies that they need
Treaty #2 gave the government title to the forest lands between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba
The Natives got reserves where they can live but the reserves were very tiny and also the government had no intention of living up to their end of the bargain Creation of NWMP Creation of NWMP 1873 They were both a police force and a paramilitary
Their first task was to drive out the whisky traders and regain control of the entire North West Territories
They were established because the government feared the whisky traders would lead to the loss of the territory to America
NWMP chased out the whisky traders and the NWMP was welcomed by the Metis Pacific Scandal 1873 Canadian government took a bribe
This caused Macdonal to be elected
They took the bribe for the railway Election of Alexander Mackenzie 1873 He was elected in 1873 for the Liberal
He disagreed with the CPR idea
There was no construction under his jurisdiction
Beautiful British Columbia was very, very angry about this Native Treaties 3-7 1874-1877 Canadian Government gained all that land that was suitable for agriculture
Introduced the Indian Act
Natives knew that the bison were going extinct so they were happy with some land to farm
Gabriel Dumont and The Hunt of 1875 Winter 1874-1875 A group of Metis began hunting before the St.Laurent Hunt had started
Gabriel Dumont arrested them and fined them but they went to Chief Clarke who issued a warrant for Dumont and other
Canadian Government said Dumont did correctly but Clarke still fined poor Dumont
But then the Metis were controlled by Ottawa and they weren't aloud to hunt the buffalo
This led to powerless Metis who were struggling to survive John A. Macdonal and The National Policy 1876 This policy dealt with a system of protective tariffs, western settlements, and the CPR
National Policy was the basis of Conservative election platform
Macdonald devised a system of tariffs that would protect Canadian manufacturing, mining, and agriculture from American dumping by making US goods too expensive for the Canadian market The Indian Act 1876 The made it that the Natives were required to live on reserves
The Act was passed in 1876
Missionaries were used to convince the Natives to live on the reserves
They agreed because the bison were running out and the Natives needed them to survive

Construction of CPR 1881- 1885 John A. Macdonald thought about the railway across Canada, and he was convinced that the CPR was essential to the survival of Canada
The CPR could be part of the British trading networks
The construction was the governments top priority
It couldn't be completed without private investors, then George Stephen, Donald Smith, and James Hill came along and invested in the railway William Van Horne 1881 He was in charge of building the CPR
He was very efficient
The job would have been done quicker but there was a lack of money
He was very smart and he found ways to build the railway quicker. e.g. building temporary trestles. Return of Riel Summer 1884 The Metis went and found Riel where he was teaching in Montana
Riel was defended by 3 lawyers who wanted him not to plead guilty, but rather insanity
He came back to Red River with peaceful intentions
Canadian government thought Red River was going to rebel
Riel then wrote the Metis Bill of Rights
Red River did rebel and then he was caught Metis Bill of Rights Winter 1884 Louis Riel and a European farmer wrote the Bill of Rights
They hoped that it would address the grievances of the Metis and form a new province in the North West
It was ignored by the Canadian government
More detailed than the List of Rights
It showed the Metis frusturation, and yearning to be treated as equals Battles of Duck Lake and Batoche Spring 1885 Louis Riel told the Metis that a peaceful negotiation was impossible on March.19th 1885
NWMP and Metis attempt to negotiate at Duck Lake
Negotions quickly deteriorate and two Metis are shot
Twelve NWMP officers were killed and 25 wounded
This marked the start of the Northwest Rebellion
Another battle like this at Fish Creek where Metis are defeated Execution of Louis Riel November 16th, 1885 He was captured after the battle at Batoche
Charged with high treason
Louis was told to be plead insanity, but he didn't
The Canadian government wanted to make an example of him
He was then hung Trial of Louis Riel July 1885 Charged with high treason
Riel was defended by 3 lawyers who wanted him to not plead guilty, but insanity
Riel refused
He told everyone about how the Metis suffer
Guilty of high treason = death for Mr. Riel Completion of the CPR November 7th, 1885 After the completion many Canadians finally understood the importance of it
It finished 5 years ahead of its original scheduale
It was know to have 'Saved the Nation'
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