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Should the Government Control Our Diet?

No description

Brianna Harb

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Should the Government Control Our Diet?

Should the Government Control Our Diet?
Top 5 Fattest Nations
Australia, New Zealand, America, Chile, Mexico
Top 5 Grocery Items in America
1) Marlboro Cigarettes
2) Coke
3) Pepsi
4) Kraft Processed Cheese
5) Diet Coke
Quiz Results
1. 1/4 of people eat some type of fast food per day.
2. Healthiness of the food we eat decreases by 1.7% for every hour that passes.
3. In the US there are 72 million obese people.
4. Baskin Robbins large Heath Bar Shake ranked the most unhealthiest drink in America.
With 2,310 calories, 266 grams of sugar, and 108 grams of fat.
5. Only 7% of calories consumed by Americans are from fruits and vegetables.
Half of those vegetables consumed are potatoes. Half of all potatoes consumed are in the form of chips and fries.
Combined population of Australia and Canada
6. The average American will drink 600 cans of soda a year.
That equals 90,000 calories, equaling 50lbs of sugar per person per year.
7. $1.25 is the average dollar amount spent per school lunch nationwide.
9. Healthier diets could save the US $87 billion per year.
10. The average serving size for burgers, fries, and sodas has more than tripled since the 1970s.
My Personal Experience
Private school, considered "good" food
Tasted great, but nutrition was definitely compromised
Normal lunch consisted of hamburger and fries
They intended to make it healthy by adding a wrap line, but ended up consisting of a bunch of sour cream and cheese
My Elementary School's Menu
"Royal Recharge"
Our 15 minutes of snack time
Consisted of Sour Patch Kids, Cinnabon, ChexMix, M&M, Snickers, soda, etc.
Group of friends tried asking for healthier options, which led to apples that were often rotten and eventually made no impact
So What's the Government Doing?
One popular government solution requires chain restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus to prevent citizens from underestimating their calorie intakes.
Interestingly, a recent study examined the impact of NYC's 2008 law requiring chains to post calorie count. Only 28% of patrons said it influenced their choices.
Another government favorite is
taxing sugary drinks.
Although results showed it does reduce obesity, it is minimal. The soda taxes mostly caused people without weight problems to cut back their consumption, even though they weren't the intended target. Then frequent soda drinkers bought lower-priced soda, engaged in bulk discounted purchases, and brewed more sweetened iced tea.
A 1970s Department of Agriculture dietary guidelines urged Americans to eat low fat diets to reduce risk of coronary heart disease and obesity.
Americans did eat foods with less fat content, but because they were eating healthier foods, they ate more and the actual amount of fat calories increased because of an increase in overall calories.
Bloomberg Soda Ban
What was it?
Mayor of NY wanted to ban the sale of sweetened drinks that exceeded 16 ounces
This applied to all restaurants, fast-food joints, delis, movie theaters, sports stadiums, and food carts
This did not apply to grocery stores including 7-Eleven
NYC's Board of Health voted unanimously in favor
Restaurants had 9 months to adapt to changes before facing fines
These plans fell through due to the invalidation of the law by NY Supreme Court Judge Tingling
Saying it violated the "principles of separation of powers"
Many people found it an infringement on their rights to put what they want in their bodies.
Bloomberg defended himself by saying that if a person wanted more soda, they would just have to buy 2 or multiple glasses. He went on to say that studies show if you have less in front of you, you'll consume less.
The Government should
Unhealthy eating effects our children.
A major amount of American people have proven they don't know better.
We need to make a radical change before it's too late.
Government is supposed to protect it's citizens.
The Government Should step BACK!
America is a free country, the Government doesn't control the people.
It won't stop us.
It's childish of the government.
It would act as a gateway.
No one size fits all.
Mrs. Q Undercover Video
My Opinion
As many decisions in government go, I believe there needs to be a balance.
Government should stay out in my opinion, but incentives towards healthier meals in restaurants should be made.
I personally benefit from calorie listings at places such as Panera, Subway, Au Bon Pain.
I know others that have seen the calories the usually would eat at those restaurants and order more, so the purpose become obsolete.
With schools an obvious change needs to be done with public school lunches, and that's where the government need to step in.
In reference to the Bloomberg soda ban, I don't believe it's a realistic change.
Instead of ban materials from restaurants, there should be incentives such as tax rebates or funding.
Your Opinion!
Virginia Tech
In our own backyard
3rd Healthiest School in the Nation
Jumping up 17 spots
Y.E.S. (You're Eating Smarter)
This was made in 2009 in response to students wanting healthier grab-and- go options. All items have less than 600 calories, website, table cards, presentation groups.
Workout Incentive Program
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