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Ellen DeGeneres

No description

Joie Ferrara

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres
Reflective Works
Ellen had became a huge advocate for the LGBT rights. She never let the negative acts going on in her life keep her down. As much as some people despised her and the way she chose to live because of her sexuality, she was the bigger and more popular than ever. Degeneres had many other acting opportunities such as:
Finding Nemo, Mr. Wrong., comedy EdTV, and If These Walls Could Talk 2. Ellen is many things, but it doesn't stop with just on the big screen. DeGeneres is also the author of many books. In 2009, she was specifically chosen to replace Paula Abdul on the America's #1 show at the time, American Idol. Other than her celebrity life, she also cared about her personal life. She married De Rossi in 2008. The newly weds marriage was definitely not a secret. Everybody was talking. It was right after California had legalized same sex marriage.



Ellen DeGeneres, that one women who plays dory, that one woman who has short blonde hair, that one woman who has their own show, that one woman who's gay. She is known in many different ways, but I think everyone can agree who knew her that she was always an optimistic and cheery person. She loved to see a person’s smile and to see someone laugh. She was a brave, kind, loving, and caring women who soon shared her own fears of being the person who she truly was. She is one of America's most well known comedians, also serving as a prominent lesbian role model.
Pursuit of Happiness
Although being the center of attention at first intimidated her, she found that using her humor calmed her down and helped her get through it. "Being in the spotlight was a rush." (Biography Editors P5) Ellen became a huge hit and had offers coming to her from left and right to do stand up comedy. Later on she exceeded her acting career and had a show of her own called
These Friends of Mine. DeGeneres also made concurrent appearances on talk shows including: The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Later with Greg Kinnear, Larry King Live, and Good Morning, America. They all had interviewed her before and was popular to begin with; but after DeGeneres's character on her show not only openly pronounced for her, but also Ellen herself her homosexualatiy on air. "Ellen made the wise choice of doing what made her happy"(Biographyeditors P1). She always had the mindset to follow your passion and to stay true to yourself. Never let anyone tell you what to do and never follow someone else's path.
Despite the cruel remarks, the lost fans, the lost support of her show, and the difficulty alone with coming out, Ellen still managed to stay strong and keep positive. She may have lost a few selfish fans, but she also did gain some great loyal ones too. Fans respected her
because she was her own person always despite what everybody else thought. A big thing she used to tell herself was, “Find out who you are and be that person. That`s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come”.(Ellen Source 2 P1) And so it did- her happiness came along with her self-confidence. Another famous quote she had said was, "I think what saved me is being honest. I think I somehow had the courage to do something and to say something that I knew would possibly end my career. Instead of making business more important, I made my soul and my life more important. And I think by being truthful, and being honest, that saved me.” Never once had she regretted her decision and she's never been happier.

By the time Ellen came out, things were different. Not only did she suffer, but so did her show. Advertisers such as JCPenney and Chrysler, who at first supported and advertised her show, decided not to buy airtime during the episode. Wendy's decided not to advertise on "The Ellen Show" at all. The show had faced strong criticism. She was nervous---- like any person would be. Ellen had stated, "Maybe they wouldn't laugh. Maybe they wouldn't like me if they knew that I was gay."(BiographyEditors P7) DeGeneres had been proved wrong. The show had received rounds of applause from gay-friendly activists-including DeGeneres's mother, who appeared on numerous talk shows in support of her daughter coming out. Despite a supportive audience and an Emmy Award for the coming-out episode, Ellen was canceled unfortunately.
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