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Life of a Steroider

No description

Andrew Posen

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Life of a Steroider

BARRY BONDS MARK McGWIRE ROGER CLEMENS JOSE CANSECO RAFAEL PALMEIRO 6. Because of a simple choice to use steroids in hopes of being the best in baseball, their entire career and life went down the drain. They will never be looked at the same.
1. In the beginning of each player's career, they were young, skinny and athletic. 2. They began using steroids and hit the prime of their game. During this time, each player's body grew to an unnatural size. It was clear they were getting abnormally larger, but no one questioned it. 3. Each player broke records and won championships. Some also won MVP and Cy Young awards. They were in their glory and at the top of the game of baseball. 4. Then as they retired or were close to retiring, rumors of steroids surfaced. Their legacies were forever tarnished. 5. Then, even worse, the government got involved. All of these players were subpoena'd and faced a nasty battle with the media and the federal court. Life of a Steroider
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