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Looked after Children

No description

Sarah rawnsley

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Looked after Children

Discuss and note down what the terms:
Mean to you.... Learning Outcomes Student Assignment guide What do you think?? Looked After Children Choose a star....
Work in your groups to research one of the following types of care. You need to create a leaflet for families which will outline what it is.
You should consider:
whether this is short/long term
Which legislation's will support them whilst in care This week we will be looking at Unit 10:

•Why Children and Young People sometimes need to be looked after away from their families (P1)

•What care is provided (P2)

What policies and procedures are in place to support children, young people and their families whilst they are in care. (M1) Work on your tables as directed to translate the assignment brief.
What information do you already have
What do you need to find out
What are the key operative words?
How could you present your assignment?

BIG HINT: Unit 10 P1 + P2 could be completed as vivid pictures: Local councils must consider the welfare of the child under the Children Acts of 1989 and 2004. They must try to ensure they are supported to be cared for at home. Where a child has to be cared for away from home, this is termed "looked after"

There are many different reasons why children may go into care. It is always the ultimate aim to return them home however, it may not always be possible. Provision of Care Family in Need Were you ever in a situation as a child where you did not know what was happening. Adults may have been talking in a way that was designed to keep things from you.
-How did it make you feel?
-Do you think children and young people should always be told what is happening? KEY WORD TASK 1: Working in pairs, create a vivid picture to show one reason a child may be looked after. Task 2: Unexpected Events Case study Temporary/ Permanent Care Foster Care Respite Care Residential Care Adoption Task 3: Complete the legislation table showing how the legislation's, policies and procedures promote and support the rights of children, young people and their families whilst in care.
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