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International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

No description

Daisy Fuentes

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

3 Core Classes IB & AP Benefits Diploma Program TOK
Theory of Knowledge-especially created to challenge the way you think.
Creativity, Action, Service
similar to community service
focuses more on new skills you develop
need 150 hrs
Extended essay
4,000 word paper that you have to write on any topic of your choosing
involves lots of research
need a mentor to help you All About IB What is IB? IB:
has you think outside of the box
more independent studies
more focused on writing
everything ties in together
receive a diploma could enter college as a sophomore
can get class credit
college degree will be accepted all over the world
gets you better prepared for college
colleges like that you went for the challenge
can take both IB & AP tests IB Diploma Candidates Classes 3 HL (Higher Level) classes
3 SL (Standard Level) classes Language (HL)
Society (HL)
Science (SL/HL)
Mathematics (SL/HL) 2nd Language (SL/HL)
Art/Drama (SL/HL) is a two year course
need to take 3 HL & 3 SL classes or 4HL & 2SL classes
TOK, CAS, & Extended Essay need to pass all 3 Core Subjects
Internal & External assessments
need to pass IB tests with score of 24-45 points AP:
does more memorization
teachers give you everything you need to know
colleges are more familiar with AP
classes are independent Both are difficult & challenging but in separate areas. Helpful Tips: manage your time wisely
good to be well rounded
do not devote all your time to your homework
figure out ways to distress yourself
do not be afraid to ask for help
talk to someone if you are feeling stressed or over whelmed
do not be afraid to speak your mind
GET AS MUCH SLEEP AS YOU CAN Program designed to address intellectual, social, emotional,& physical aspects of students.
Internationally recognized & respected by world leading universities.
A different way of thinking & seeing things IB Statistics IB Summer Program The IB Philosophers would like to invite you to the IB Summer Program to learn more about what it is you will be learning in each of your classes. You will be introduced and begin working with the IB scholars already present in the program.

Please see Dr. Shotts or Mr. Luzeck if you have any more questions regarding the IB Summer Program.
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