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Internal and External Conflict

No description

Sydney Madueke

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Internal and External Conflict

Internal Conflict: A problem that is inside you.
External Conflict: A problem that is going on in the world and outside of you.Having to deal with others
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Internal and External Conflict
Internal and External Project
.Gina Lucciono
.Amari West
.Sydney Madueke
.Melina Baze
Positive Responses to Conflict
Amigo Brothers
Internal and External
What is Conflict
Conflict is a problem in a story. There are 2 types of conflict.
Example of Literary Conflict
Examples: Farewell to Manzanar

Farewell to Manzanar
Internal Conflicts
. Antonio was worried about how the upcoming battle would affect his relationship with Felix.
.Felix was trying to clear his mind of doubts about Antonio
.Antonio tried to clear his mind about Felix right before the battle.
External Conflict
Felix and Antonio needed to fight in a match to go to the competition. This was a problem because they were best friends
Internal Conflict Repsonses
.Discuss what you are thinking to someone to help clear your mind.
.Try not to think of the problem (like Felix did in "Amigo Brothers")
.Try to clear your mind so you don't think of the problem
External Conflict
.Don't give up on the problem
.Talk to the person you are having a problem with to clear your mind.
.Be fair and listen to what people have to say
Internal Conflict
External Conflict
Jeane and her family were held against their will
and was kept in a camp where America put all of the Japaneses-Americans during World War II.
They had to but up with poverty, malnutrition, and nasty restrooms during their stay at the camp.
During Jeane's time in Manzanar she continuosly worried about how people saw her just wanted to fit in with the crowd.
Negitive Responces
Internal Conflict
1. A character might start to get confused.
2. Cause a character to feel upset.
3. Make the character do
something he wouldn't
normally do.
External Conflict
1. A character might have
a "clash" with another
character. (man vs. man)
2. A character may get
hurt in a phyical way.
3. A character may do something he/she is not supposed to do.
Types of Conflict
man vs. self
man vs. man
man vs. nature
man vs. socity
man vs. supernatural

man vs. self
man vs. man
man vs. socity
man vs. self
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