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What Really happened?

No description

Celine Quizon

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of What Really happened?

The Trouble at Red River Spy Mission
What Really happened?
What Happened with refusing to let William McDougall enter Red River Settlement?
Who are the Metis?
William McDougall got a warning letter from the present and the secratary louis Reil.
What happened with refusing to let the government surveyors survey the land in Red River?
The Metis tried to stop the surveyors from surveying the land. John Stougton was sent to survey Red River, but as he got there the Metis didnt aprove, so he went back to Fort garry at just surveyed Red River from there.
Language and Religion
-most of the Metis spoke english, french and atleast one of the first ntons languages
-they have catholic ot protestant religions
What happened with the taking of Fort Garry?
Aboriginal peoples
Aboriginal people did not base wealth on what they
owned. They based it on good health, good friends and
well-being. For Aboriginal people, sharing ad co-operation
was very improtant. Aboriginal people lived all over Canada.
Groups of people were relateable in some ways, and you can describe a group of them by the language they spoke.

who are the Peoples of the west?
Scottish Selkirk settlers
The scottish Selkirk settlers arrived at the York Factory.
The York Factory was the HBC fur trade post. The scottish Selkirk settlers hada difficult winter. They were enduring with homesick, colds, poor foods and scurvey.
-They had varied backgrounds and customs from cultures of all their ancestors
-Fur trade and buffalo hunting was important in their way of life in red river
-They got married in church
-Were buried in Catholic or Protestant cemeteries
-They went to church on a regular basis
Music & Dance:
French-speaking Roman catholic settlers
The French-speaking settlers brought their Catholic religion to North-West Canada. The Roman Catholic community that was outside of Quebec was said that they later on joined the rush settlers to the praires.
People wanted Ontario to become a English Speaking Protestant. The English speaking settlers got so upset by the death of Thomas Scott, and they wanted revenge, they were called the metis rebels.
English-speaking Protestant settlers
The most popular instruments were:
-hand drum

traditional dance:
waltz Quadrille

-inspired by clothing of the french fur traders
-foot wear was usually moccasins
-wear a combination of european and first nations clothing
-dercorated clothes with beadwork (floral designs)
-sashes were the most recognisble (symbol)
-they home spin and weave their clothing
wore woven cotton or wool dresses
wore captotes (wool coats with hoods)
What demands are made and why did this happen?
What demands does the Provisional Government make?
The provisional government made a demand that Provinces had the right to enter Canadas Confederation. They also made a demand to have the rights of owning local afairs and being ale to e both the languages of english and french in schools.
This trouble happened because people were interested with the land of Red river, and wanted to take it. knowing the the land was already owned by the Metis. They should have just left the land alone aftr they found out that someone already owned it. They were also trying to force the Metis into leaving their land. Not everyone agreed on everything they were about to do, so they had trouble trng to explain or solve it.
Why did this 'trouble' happen
- log houses were most common
-villages had around 40-50 log cabins
lived in:
John A wanted to take the land , but hewasnt allowed to becuase the metis had more resources en them. They got the land on November 2nd 1869, Louis Riel and some men went out and fought the metis for the land.
-Probably played the most important role in fur trade because they were human links between first nations and europeans
-york boat
-Red river cart (2 large wheels that can travel across rough ground)

Food/Buffalo hunt:
Metis were traditionally hunters
-each man would kill 2/5 buffalo each run
-women would skin and cut up the buffalo
-used all part of buffalo that they hunted

If fishing was available it would also be a major scource of food
who is
Louis Riel?
Birth date/place:
By: Aoife and Celine 8-3
Oct 22 1844-Red river colony(now winnapeg)

Nov 16 1885- Regina
Julie Lagimodiere
Louis Riel Sr.
-His parents were very
-At the age of 7 he was sent to the school conducted by the grey nuns in boniface
-eldest child of Louis Riel Sr.
-left home for the first time h=when he was 14 (went to Montreal)
What is your recommendation?
We think that they should negotiate a peaceful solutioin to
the problem. We think this because the metis could listen to them and they could find a way to share the land. The Metis could teach the english and french some tecniques. If they did use force, this could cause more problems in the future for the english and french.
-he was a promisisng student
-he was sent to Montreal to train for preisthood but never graduated
-he attended "College de Montreal" (1858-1865)
occupation as an adult:
-Political leader
-Founder of the province Manitoba
-spiritual leader
Character of Louis Riel:
-To the Metis he is a hero
-he is one of the most contrivercial figures in canadian history
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