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Izek Thomas & Glynn Morgan

No description

lib hist

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Izek Thomas & Glynn Morgan

Izek Thomas & Glynn Morgan
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor History
The Medal of Honor was originally denied, as the thought of being too " European"
Abraham Lincoln passed the Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the rarest and highest award to earn in the military
The Medal of Honor was originally given to the Navy. It then moved on the the Army, and then the Air Force.
Less than 3,500 people have eared the award
Only 1 woman was awarded the Medal of Honor.
Mabry George Jr.
Mabry George Jr., lead the 2nd Battalion, 8th infantry across 300 yards of fireswept territory, captured 3 soldiers in foxholes, was ambushed by 9 enemies and downed 2 soldiers before his squad came in to help overpower the ambush with hand-to-hand combat. He then seized elevated ground, holding a defensive position and hitting the enemy on both flanks. this action gave the U.S. Army a firm hold on the approach to the Cologne Plain. Co.
Sergeant, First class Randall Shughart
Serving in Somalia, Shughart earned his Medal of Honor by risking his life to save 4 critically wounded soldiers that were in a helicopter crash. He volunteered immediately, even though he knew of the increasing enemy soldiers in the area, closing in on there position. Armed with only a sniper rifle and a pistol, he and his team leader navigated through a maze of enemy shacks and shanties. At the crash site, he pulled out the pilot and other wounded soldiers, and has to set up a defensive position out in the open. He would check a perimiter to keep other soldiers from attacking. He used his sniper, and side arm to down an unknown amount of enemies, until he ran out of ammo, and was fatally wounded. He was able to hold off the enemy long enough so a helicopter could come in and save his fellow comrades.
James Young
James Young earned the Medal of Honor by volunteering to counter attack the Confederates with 2 other soldiers. During the attack one soldier was wounded while returning to their base. James carried the soldier on his back through a gun field.
Alber Frederick
Alber Frederick earned the Medal of Honor by saving his regiment all by himself with nothing but a sidearm and a shot gun. His sergeant was badly wounded so he bravely defended his sergent along with the others. Alber was shot in the leg but kept fighting to the base were he was healed at the base along with his sergeant.
These solders should courage by leading their group through dangerous situations alone or with a small group and volunteering to risk their lives with the knowledge of the impending danger.
These soldiers show patriotism by honoring their country and going above and beyond the call of duty, in order to help give the Army an advantage.
These soldiers show valor through volunteering to do extremely dangerous tasks and risking there lives ( one losing his life), they knew of the extreme danger and still went towards it to help the injured soldiers, or getting the U.S. a step ahead.
These soldiers went way above and beyond the call of duty, and showed all of the characteristics for the Medal of Honor. We feel great respect for these soldiers, as they voluntarily risked their life,(one losing his life) to save their teams and give a HUGE advantage to the U.S. Military.
These soldiers showed honor, by volunteering to do these dangerous tasks, they weren't ordered, no one had given them a hint, or asked them to. They just volunteered, no questions asked. Mabry, had lead his entire group through dangerous territory and stayed calm, and Alber had saved his entire squad with no help.
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