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Copy of Dior Brand Analysis

FTM 382; Dr. Xu by Sarah Reese, Alexis Russo, Xavier Totor, and Francesca Verceles-Zara

Dani Ha

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Dior Brand Analysis

1. Establish international contacts
Objectives & Opportunities

Meeting Agenda
Project Plan Presentation – Management Meeting

Project Name

Project Manager
: Alexandra Hailer

: Alex Hart (CEO), Jane Delmont
(SPG director), Mariangela Siciliano (SPG assistant)
Markus James (Marketing director), Louise Mueller
(R&D director), Amelie Carlton (Manufacturing director), Eric Morgan (Sales director),
Martin Winter (Creativity group director),
Laura Duffle (Customer service director)

: February 13th 2014

: 10.30 am

: FashionJ Head Office, London
Meeting Goals
1. Present the overall scope of the “SPORTFASHION”
Project to the departmental directors

1. Introduction
Project Plan Presentation
Project Manager: Alexandra Hailer
European College of Business and Management
16th of May 2014

The Global Sport Apparel Market
Industry is very fragmented with many brands competing; range: from basic discount brands to high-end fashion labels (Global Industry Analysts GIA 2013)

Growth rate is estimated to be 4 % by
(= Europe 1%), to a total value of
$135 Billion
according to Forbes (Gaille 2013)

, US and Asia-Pacific are highly essential markets, Japan and other countries across Latin America, however, will also drive demand

Leading Players include: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Lululemon Athletica

The trend goes towards healthier, more active lifestyles, with older demographies and women becoming more active

A tendency towards less formal dress in the workplace will also continue to push demand

Sports apparel and fashion approach eachother. More and more
sports apparel
companies and fashion designers collaborate to produce new clothing styles and widen their product lines;
traditional apparel retailers
aim at active wear. (Global Industry Analysts 2013)

Fast expanding
niche, “post-workout-look”

Market opportunity for FashionJ

FashionJ becomes “active”
To meet the market needs FashionJ has launched a new range of
high quality sports clothing

Style-wise the collection offers a mix between Fashion and Fitness, targeting the increasing number of women who want either fashionable workout wear or sportive fashion styles.

Functionality mixed with fashion!

Collection pieces can be worn for Gym or Yoga as well as for everyday life!

Business Needs
2. Increase customer satisfaction customer retention rate

3. Improve our cross-departmental communications and operations

1. Introduce the new range of luxury sportswear
to the market and present it to international
Why the ITF Düsseldorf ?
Fashion trade with major focus on sports fashion
perfect mix between fashion and sportswear !

80000 visitors
– professionals, multipliers and fashion authorities – from
110 countries
2.565 exhibitors
from all over the world (ITF Duesseldorf, final report 2013)

Generates a high level of media exposure and a lot of attention from the
international press

Starts two days after the World Cup finals hype around sport will be great!

Further advantages: good reputation, well organised, offers great services such as technical services, marketing- and media services etc.

“ITF Düsseldorf worked out exactly the way we expected it to. The atmosphere is positive, visitors expressed a lot of interest, the frequency of visitors to our booth was also very good, and the audience was very international.”
(Klaus Hotter, Executive Vice President / Division Manager Wintersports, Head)

“We are very pleased with the frequency of visitors to our booth. Thanks to a very selective access to our booth we were able to have very positive and constructive meetings with our most important customers. Another highlight of the event is certainly our ITF Düsseldorf Award.”
(Didi Serena, CEO, Kjus)

ITF Düsseldorf offers a strong platform to establish international contacts and assess the export suitability of our new collection to relevant markets such as Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and Russia

2. Project Overview
Project Scope
Key messages appropriate to the international audience

Trade show announcements on social media, the FashionJ website and our Blog…

Invitation of and meetings with international prospects, press and fashion bloggers

Mar-com ideas:
e-newsletters, press releases, press kits, multi-lingual brochures, flyers, visitor maps, give-aways, show opening event, video endorsing international sportsmen, display with models, promotion teams, guerrilla marketing, competition etc.

Lead-Management: briefed sales team

Follow-up-strategy: following up on leads quickly after the trade show, information-packages

2. Assess the export suitability of our collection
3. Increase customer satisfaction
Outcomes will be presented together with the final project plan on March 18th

Clients will be informed of improvements made ahead of the trade show as part of our communication strategy (courtesy gift ?)

They will be able to experience our new, improved customer service at the trade show

regain trust, increase customer satisfaction

Customer surveys will be conducted for future improvements

4. Improve the cross-departmental
communication and operations

Deliverables & Milestones
3. Project Organisation
Roles & Responsibilities (1)
The core project team consists of six people; one representative from the following departments:
Ways to cut down costs
Creativity group will design the booth and all sales materials/marketing collaterals

Rent booth equipment instead of buying it

Work mainly with internal staff, acquire trainees from staff pool

Arrange special deals with external resources such as the photographer, DJ, endorsing sportsmen etc.

Book flights, accommodation etc. much in advance for best deals

Collaborations and Sponsorships, e.g. ENERGY DELUXE DRINK and a local printer, further ones are being negotiated (radio stations, newsletter publications)

Marketing and press relation activities online

Staff Estimation
Risk Management
To avoid any impediments to the successful project execution we have identified the
most probable risks
and developed
mitigation strategies
to prevent or manage these risks.

To detect any deviations from our project plan and evaluate the success of our project we are going to implement monitoring and evaluation activities:

Tracking & Evaluation
Closeout phase: approx. 60 days, starting after the trade show

Demobilization of resources, administrative, contractual, financial closures

Follow-up activities
for clients

International trade fair report
evaluation of project performance, objectives met, lessons learned etc.

Closeout report
summary of all relevant outcomes

Project Closeout
4. Project Process
Everything goes according to the schedule!

The project plan has been written and will be reviewed after this meeting

Creativity group has established the key messages for the show

Upcoming activities:
Space reservation
Initiation of change project (customer service and cross-departmental issues)

Next upcoming Meetings…
Project plan presentation on February 27th

Meeting with customer service on March 5th

Cross-functional meeting on March 7th

Final agreement of project plan on March 18th

Meeting Agendas will be distributed to participants ahead of the meetings

Any questions or suggestions ?
Thanks for your attention!
“This is not a fashion trend, it’s a lifestyle trend.”
(Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at market research firm NPD Group
, cited in Sherman 2014
FashionJ Collection S/S 14
ITF Düsseldorf offers a great platform to establish international contacts!
Lead Generation Plan and At-Stand Strategy include e.g.:
At ITF Düsseldorf we can research how well the new collection fits international expectations!
Our customer service will be improved and return policies reviewed in the next couple of weeks (28.02. – 17.03) as part of an initial change project
Establish international contacts
raise international brand awareness score by
20 % six months after the trade show

Address customer dissatisfaction issues
increase the customer retention rate
up to 95 % within three months after the trade show

Assess the export suitability of our new luxury sportswear collection

Improve the cross-departmental communication and operations in the next six
Gain insight into the luxury sportswear market and check out the competition

Meet international clients, decision makers, experts and other international attendees of the trade show and talk with them about our collection

Research consumers' demands at the trade show, conduct surveys

Analyse industry trends and competitive intelligence

adapt our products accordingly for the future!

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Gallo Lopèz, G. (2013). Top 6 Tendencias Milan Fashion Week Primavera-Verano 2014. Available at:
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Voque Germany (2014). Jogginghosen. Available at: http://www.vogue.de/mode/mode-trends/mode-trend-jogginghosen#galerie/7
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Schedule & Cost Estimation
The total timing for the project planning, execution and closeout will be approximately eight months, starting on January 6th and ending on September first.

The total budget for the project has been defined with 65.000 Euros. This will be invested into the deliverables as shown in the table. Contingency and reserves will be 16.06 % of the budget.

Project planning phase:
06.01. – 14.07.
Project execution:
15.07. – 19.07.
Project Closing:
20.07. – 01.09.

To achieve our objectives the following deliverables and milestones have to be met on the due dates:
Major risks include:

Risks related to the collection:
Risks related to the customers:
Contractual risks:
Financial risks:
Schedule risks:
Other risks:
e.g. collection gets damaged, lost or stolen
e.g. customers don't buy our collection as expected
e.g. sub-contractors do not fulfil the requirements
e.g. sub-contractors do not fulfil the requirements
e.g. work packages do not get delivered on time
e.g. press does not show interest in our collection

Regularly scheduled project team meetings, ad-hoc meetings

Weekly conducted “project progress” and “status review” meetings

Project status and progress reports will be distributed

Monthly steering committee meetings

Analysis of “return on objectives”

KPIs and Success Metrics (marketing metrics, sales marketing, customer relations metrics, online metrics, R&D metrics)

Lessons learned...

Agenda Items:

1. Introduction
Overview over the global sports apparel market
FashionJ – the new luxury sportswear collection
Business needs
Why the ITF Duesseldorf ?
2. Project Overview
Project Scope
Objectives & Opportunities
3. Project Organisation
Roles & Responsibilities
Schedule & Cost Estimation
Ways of cutting down costs
Risk Management
Project Tracking & Evaluation
Project Closeout
4. Project Process
Next meetings coming up
Questions & Suggestions
The trade show offers an opportunity to improve our internal communication and operations "in action" first step of organizational change implementation
Initial change project:
Survey with top management, employees and key internal stakeholders, and later assessment based on the EFQM Excellence in Business Management

Weekly cross-departmental team-meetings where participants can give input on the project etc.

Monitoring of communication before, during and after the trade show

Roles & Responsibilities (2)
Each department is responsible for submitting its own project deliverables, however, there will be tight collaboration between the departments:

Project Plan:

Project Manager (PM), Sales
Initial Change Project:
PM, Product Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, Customer Service
Booth Package:
PM, Creativity group
Marketing Package:
Product Marketing, Creativity Group
Collection & Material Logistic Package:

Product Marketing, Manufacturing, (R&D)
Trade Show Staff Planning:
PM, Sales
Travel Package:

R&D activities:

Project Closeout Package:

PM, R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, Customer Service

The functional managers of each department will choose their staff and are accountable for them. They will participate in monthly steering group meetings and be kept informed on the project via project status and progress reports.

A detailed RACI-Chart can be found in the project plan

I will coordinate the team and survey its performance of tasks
5. Conduct research on: quality, environmental and ethical issues, competitive intelligence,
industry trends, customer needs

6. Generate more than 20 new business leads and establish 100 potential business

7. Achieve an ROI of 200 % within six months after the trade show

2. Get approval from involved departments on all resources required

3. Discuss further issues, recommendations or adjustments for the project plan to be presented on February 27th
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