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Headstart program

No description

Tasha Tremblay

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Headstart program

Head start program
Tasha Tremblay, STacey McMillan, Jasmina Hadzic, Jie Qiao Lei, Babita Sharma
Purpose/ philosophy
To help low income families, and those who have a background lacking parenting and health
Poverty has an impact on one's education
To get the children used to the idea of school at a young age
To allow children from low income families to have the same level of education and opportunities as other more fortunate children
To meet the educational needs of the community - both economically and socially
To focus on individual needs and developmental skills
To help form a sense of belonging among peers and within their family and community
"If children are to grow into responsive and responsible individuals, they first need to accept themselves as they are, regardless of developmental differences."
September 1995 - Head Start grants given (in both US and Canada)
October 1998 - established as full day program
In United States:
January 1964 - President Lyndon declared war on poverty
January 1965 - President Lyndon and committee establish Head Start program in order to battle poverty
poverty impacts education so start it when they are young
May 1965 -President Lyndon announces the plan to develop the Head Start program
1969 - First Ottawa Carleton region's first Head Start programs were established
Cost $$
Cheaper than other child care models
Approximately $40 a day, if not subsidized
Subsidized child care means:
government helps fund families in need by covering full or partial cost of child care services
Additional Services
Speech and language assessments and therapy
Book bag programs
Gross motor development program
Guest presenters
Busing to and from program (dependent on area and funding)
Role of the parent
Open door policy
To cooperate with educators on what they are doing
To attend family days as often as possible
To have good communication with educators
** broken homes and low income affect parent's involvement
lack of funding and space
Has to deal with everything as is
Foster Farm:
location 1st floor of building
toilets backed up
small kitchen
public hallway runs through child care centre area
cook also does all house keeping
gross motor room too small
have to walk ten minutes with kids to playground
garbage on ground outside
they have to separate the children into different activities at a time due to lack of space
What do you know about head start programs?
What do you think might be some challenges that a head start program would encounter?
Head Start programs that we visited:
Esther By Child Care Centre
Foster Farm Child Care Centre
Esther by child care Centre
Mission statement (in own words):
community based, safe and accepting
comfortable and non-judgemental environment for parents to drop children off
children feel accepted and are greeted by their name when they arrive
good communication between educator and parents
Owned by city of Ottawa
All current children are subsidized
24 preschoolers, 10 toddlers
3yrs - 5 1/2yrs
1:8 ratio
Full day program - no set drop off/ pick up times
All food made from scratch - no canned foods
Additional services:
speech and language pathologists that visit the centre
numeracy and literacy programs - preparation for kindergarten
book mobile
Gross motor room and allotted gross motor development time
Foster farm Child care centre
Mission statement (in own words):
Family-oriented warm environment
Safe learning environment
Life line to the community
Educators are there to help families in need
Embraces everyone who enters equally
What's ours is yours - our centre may not look like much, but it's what we have to offer that matters
30 preschoolers, 2 toddlers - ages 2 to 5
Full day program
Additional services:
Speech and language pathologists that visits once a week
Guest speakers
Book bag program
Gross motor room
Help for parents regarding any questions or needed resources
Community based - word of mouth
Ottawa Carleton Head Start Association for Preschools website
Generally it is a full day program to accommodate parent's schedules
Limited funds so no bus services provided at most centres
Has anyone thought about how much child care actually cost?

Do you think that you will be able to afford it in the future?
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