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10 Exciting Ways to Vocab-it-up in the art room!

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Cassie Stephens

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of 10 Exciting Ways to Vocab-it-up in the art room!

I Admit: I Can't Keep a Word Wall, Y'all!
But I have found what works for me! And that's what I've got for y'all today in this Top Ten Ways to Vocab-It-Up in your art room!
#2 See, Think and Wonder
While I'm quizzing the kids, they are playing "What do you See, Think or Wonder?"

This encourages art talk vocabulary as well as gives them a sneak peak to our Artist Inspiration.

#3 Word of the Week
I use the same Word of the Week for all of my classes, kindergarten through 4th grade.
#4 Artist Inspiration
After the Word of the Week intro, I'll ask the kids to make a couple of connections to the artist's work seen during See, Think or Wonder.
#1 Stop 'em at the Door
What's the first question every kid asks you when you greet 'em at the door?


Use that time to flash your Door-Stopping Vocabulary Tickets.
10 Exciting Ways to Vocab-it-up in the art room!
Hint: I use vocab that we
are either currently learning about or will be introduced to that day
Keeping It Organized: Each grade level's vocab tickets can be found in these paper pockets right by my entrance.
Hint: To keep the children on task during this time, I'll ask the "teacher" to be on the look-out for a well-behaved artist. Those couple of kids become my art assistants for the day.
I like to use words that empower the kids: artist, unique, nonconformist, original, imaginative.
A "Whoop! Whoop!" is how we welcome our word.
Hint: I use a laminated piece of construction paper so I can change the word out weekly.
To reinforce artist vocab, I do a call and response. As in, I say Pablo, you say Picasso. Pablo...PICASSO!
Hint: If this artist directly ties in the lesson at hand, I'll read from Mike Venezia's The World's Greatest Artist series.
#5 Show It, Say It, Repeat
It's not enough to just show the kids the words.

I'm a big fan of call and response.

Clearing my throat is my signal to them that they are about to repeat after me.
Hint: Treat this like an acting class! Tell 'em, "let's say it like we're sleepy! Now sad! Try excited!"
#6 Games, Y'all!
One of my fave vocab games is called "A What?!" It's a great way to introduce vocabulary.
Another is called "Clap and Slap" where we not only say the words but count out the syllables.
Hint: I wish I could do games like this everyday, but with 30 minutes, I reserve these games for introductory lessons.
#7 Say It Again!
Learning Targets...did I hear a collective grown?
I have the kids repeat all directions after me. Throw in those targets
that new vocabulary!
Hint: Trust me, you'll notice a big difference in what the kids recall if they've repeated after you. Added bonus: your administration will think you are magical!
#8 Poems and Songs
I have a poem about line-learning that includes a snake called Larry the Line.

We have lil ditties that help us recall the elements of art as well as warm and cool colors.
Hint: Greg Percy's Songs in the Key of Art are another great vocabulary resource.
#9 Put Puppets to Work
Kids love puppets even if you feel like an absolute moron. Trust me, they'll remember the vocab all the more!
Hint: Give your puppet a distinct voice and a name. Have him interact with the kids.
#10 Reinforce with The Smartest Artist!
Great wrap-up game at the end of art class.

Hint: We play this when time allows.
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