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The job search

No description

Nathan Walker

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of The job search

The job search
Personal job-ready check
What is your personal brand? How do you stand out?
In person
The job search
70%+ jobs are not advertised!
What do you want to be?
Master chef?
Olympic gymnast?
Got the job . . . now what?
Focus on learning

Actively develop new connections, networks and mentors

Put your hand up

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

Plan for your next job - but don't be a job hopper

Quick summary
Work out what you like to do. What are you being called into?

Develop a personal brand

Job hunt like you mean it

Keep learning and developing your networks

Plan for your next job
The interview
Your elevator pitch
Research your interviewer
Answering common questions
What do you like to do?
Physical activity?
Update your Facebook?
Design and code apps?
Cook gastronomic delights?
Where is God in all this?
Questions to ask

Where are your gifts and talents? Ask others!
What do you like to do now?
What about in 10 years?
Ask advice. Talk to people
you trust
Don't be scared about change.
It is the new normal.
God needs godly people in all industries
Pray about it!
Getting the job!

Your resume
Make it job specific
Make it easy to read
Tell a story
Focus on problems solved
Your cover letter
Address the individual
Cover all key criteria
Use facts and figures if possible
Letters and emails directly to hiring managers

Cold calls, phone and in person

Job sites (Seek)

Contacts & Networking
If you are serious about getting a job, treat your job search like one
Arrive early
Answer questions confidently and directly, take your time if you need to
Take notes
Have your own questions
Clarify what problems need solving
Use examples from your own experience
Prayer is powerful
Nathan Walker

0421 089 540
What do you think should be in
a cover letter?
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