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teagan sliz

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of mexico

mexico natural resources petroleum silver copper gold lead zinc natural gas timber Agriculture wheat beans corn sorghum Consumption crops Export crops sugar coffee fruits vegetables Manufactured goods food and beverages aerospace electronics tobacco chemicals iron and steel petroleum biotechnology mining ship building electricity defense products textiles clothing motor vehicles and parts computers consumer goods Cultural resources Mexico city Metropolitan- Cathedral ruins of chichen Itza ruins of teotihuacan ruins of tulum main Aztec temple Archacology sociology Type of government/ political factors (political stability, wars) Federal republic Mexican-american war 1846 to 1848 Social and Economic Factors $100 canadian(dollar)-1357.82 mexican(peso) strength of dollar existing trade agreements Chile Columbia Venezuela Costa Rica Caribbean states Canada Child labour laws kids as young as 11 are working Working Conditions working conditions are bad Goods that Canada might be able to export to Mexico wheat canola meat paper livestock wood pulp iron & steel Aztec population
109,955,000 land mass 1972550 time zones 8:50 A.M-Canada 9:50 A.M-Mexico climate 2 seasons (rainy season , and dry season) food mole pozole cecing mixiotes chile relleno taco's Canada Mexico population 109,955,000 land mass 1972550 time zones 8:50 A.M-Mexico 9:50 A.M- Canada climate 2 seasons (rainy season,dry season) hot food mole pozole cecing mixiotes chile relleno taco's population 34,844,296 land mass 9976140 time zone 8:50 A.M-mexico 9:50 A.M-Canada climate 4 seasons spring summer fall winter food pierogis oka cheese roast turkey cretons flipper pie ginger pie government government federal republic democracy comparison food sombrero
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