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Earcos Sportfolio 2

Earcos Final Sportfolio Presentation

andy vasily

on 27 March 2010

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Transcript of Earcos Sportfolio 2

To provide PE teachers with ideas for genuinely linking written reflection and assessment directly back to the central idea/main focus of the unit in an efficient manner To demonstrate how the Sportfolio
is a tool to engage students in their own
learning and assessment process To show how the traditional
cool down time in PE can be used to maximize each student's conceptual understanding of the central idea/main theme of the unit being explored. And to ultimately ensure
that you do not........ Fall asleep during our
presentation!!!!! The Sportfolio Fall asleep during our
presentation!!!!! Unit Self & Peer Assessment Written Reflection Recording Data Awards & Certificates Fall Asleep During
Our Presentation!! Grade 4/5:
Specific Examples In Action Video #2
Explaining Team Stategy
in Water Polo Video 3&4
Students working on
developing team strategy
in water polo Examples of Students
Recording Data in Their
Sportfolios Recording Data:
Self & Peer Graphing
of Skill Areas in Shooting,
Overhead Passes, and Chest Passes Example of Written
Reflection After
Putting Team Strategy
into Practice Student Explaining
Team Strategy &
Reflecting on Whether
or not it was Successful Video#5
Tranfering and Applying
Water Polo Strategy to the Court
After Korfball Game (A Version of Basketball) TIME TO GET MOVING PEOPLE!!
"The Moving in Space Ball Shooting Challenge" Aim of the Game:
To use as much space as possible and to take
as many shots as you can in two minutes Important Rules of Engagement You must shoot from open space
You cannot shoot at the same target two times in a row. However, you can return to a target once you have shot someplace else
You should aim to shoot at all of the target from as many different locations as possible in the time allowed A) Moving in Space Partner Mapping Activity
B) Recording Data: You and Your Partner Will Record Your Own Combined Result and the Results of At Least 2 Other Teams
C) Self and Peer Assessment Written Task Assessment Tasks That You and Your Partner Will Complete During This Activity Grade 2/3
Specific Examples in Action Max & Kanya's Mapping Diagrams Provide the foundation for our program and allow for self/peer-assessment, written reflection, recording of data, and highlighting awards & certificates Provide the foundation for our program and allow for self/peer-assessment, written reflection, recording of data, and highlighting awards & certificates Video#6
Max mapping his partner's movements around the court PYR/Grade 1 Specific Examples Our Objectives: Central Idea/Main Theme (Ball Sports):

There are many ways to throw, catch, and kick a ball.

Central Idea/Main Theme (Ball Sports)

We must learn how to move in space with or without the ball. Self Assessment Rubric

This task required that the students
self assess themselves in three areas: Throwing, Kicking, and Catching. Video#7

Teacher Introduction to a pre-assessment Sportfolio task followed by two students explaining their work. Examples of student Sportfolio
work related to Ball Games. Two examples of the mapping activity done related to moving in space effectively. This task required that the
students count the number of
ways that they could throw, catch, and
kick a ball. The second part of the activity
was to draw a picture of their favorite
way to do each skill. Central Idea/Main Theme (Ball Sports)

A team must be able to plan, explain, and
evaluate a team strategy. Our Athletics Unit at ISPP Elementary School A quick look into how we structure our unit
in terms of our central ideas for each year group
& the assessment tasks that we plan prior to the
unit. Teacher Intoduction to the Athletics Unit Pictures of our students working on their skills during this 5-week unit. Athletics Fun slide show. Student video explanations about the various assessment tasks given during Athletics. Awards, Certificates, and Reflections
Sports certificates, such as this track and field certificate, also provide opportunities for
quick written reflection. Non-competitive achievement
awards in PE help students, of all skill
levels, to gain confidence in their own
abilities related to sport and fitness. ISPP Athletics Day Certificate

The card pasted to the certificate shows their
personal results in all of the events done during
the day. These results were used in the students' final reflections and self-assessment tasks to help show levels of improvment from the start of the unit. This certificate is from a swim meet
held at one of the other international
schools in Phnom Penh. This certificate is from a
local international schools track & field day. Below the certificate is the student's self reflection. All of our students at ISPP have the chance
to earn swim badges as part of our PE program. This student received her badge for successfully swimming 200 meters free style. Good form and technique must be used the entire distance. Bringing it All Together The Use of the Display Board All of the pictures put up on our display board are taken down at the end of the unit and given to the students to put into their Sportfolios as a written assessment task.
The Sportfolio:

Used for collecting assessment tasks, pictures, and written reflections
Is an excellent tool for communication during Student-Led Portfolio Conferences at the end of the year
Can be a valuable piece of information during Parent/Teacher interviews
Leads to greater teacher accountability as the Sportfolio is an ongoing journal of what is happening in your PE classes each unit Central Idea The Activities Done During the Unit
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