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Counting by 7s

No description

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Counting by 7s

Counting by 7s
"I'm about to start a new school.
I'm only a child.
I'm adopted.
And I'm different.
As in strange.
But i know it and that takes the edge off. At least for me." (Sloan 114)
This means that Willow is who she wants to be and doesn't let other people bother her.

Dell Duke
"His head was very round. Most human heads where not round. Very, very few, in fact, have any real spherical quality. But this chubby, bearded man with busy eyebrows, and sneaky eyes, was the exception." (Sloan 448)
In this description, the narrator thinks that Dell isn't very high prioritized and doesn't take very good care of him self.
Mai Nguyen
Mai is Willlows only real friend. She stays with thourgh out the whole story. Willow starts to feel that Mai is more of a sister than a friend. She helps Willow thourgh her hardest times after here parents died. Then in the end Mai is the big reason Willow gets to stay with the Nguyen family.
In the beginning Willow starts at a new school. At the new school she gets blamed for cheating on a test and has to go to a special consular, but Willow doesn't tell her parents about this. At the consular she meets some of her first friends.
Rising Action
Next, Willows parents die in a car accident. She is all alone but then her new friend steps in and say she can stay with her family. Willow fell right into there family like she had alway been there.
Willow had to get home visits at the Nguyens house, but it wasn't suitable enough to pass expection. So the had to move into Dell's apartment and clean every thing in time because his house was a real pit. After the first home visit the had many more, so Mai's mom put Dell in another apartment and payed his rent.
Falling Action
Willow then has to go to court to find her new family that will take her in because the Nguyens were just watching Willow till it was her court date. Willow doesn't want to leave because the Nguyen family has bourght her in halped her feel wanted after her parents died.
Willow's Graden
Willow's graden is the place that she loves the most. It's in the back of her house where she lived when her parents were still alive. She plants some many plants there is barley any room to walk. Willow also expriments with plants in her graden. After her parents died she leaves the graden behind because it helps her get over her parents.
Dell's Trailor
Dell's trailor is where Willow always has her meetings with Dell. She would usually never talk in there. But when she meet Mai Willow started talking to Dell but never about the stuff he was suppose to talk to her about.
The Apartment Complex
In the apartment complex, Willow lives in Dell's apratment with the Nguyen because they use to live in the back of the nail salon they owned. Before Willow lived in the apratment complex, it was really ugly and had no plants. While Willow was there she cleaned up and acually made it look good. After she did that the apartment complex acullay felt like home.
Mai's mom decided she wants Willow to stay with them, too. So Dell and her talk to the judge and work out a plan so Willow can stay with them. When Mai and Willow find out they are so exitced because they still get to be "sisters"
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