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*Geography Industry Assignment* ~Rough Draft~

This is the rough draft of my geography assignment.

Jod Hawks

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of *Geography Industry Assignment* ~Rough Draft~

Primary Industries Secondary Industries Tertiary Industries fishing
mining farming electronics factory plastic processing plant grocery store electronics store
restaurant logging tree processing desk industry school _________ Paragraph # 1
Keywords: exract changed service Farming-Cannery-Restaurant & Grocery store. Eh _________ Paragraph # 2 Farming-Grocery store Fishing-Grocery store & restaurant cleaning factory cannery The television glass making factory A television is a very popular electronic most house owner's have at least one, but today I'm going to tell you the steps as to how one is made.
The main parts of a television our the glass screen, the plastic base and the copper in the wires. The glass screen is made by glass which is first made from sand.
Miners extract the sand from the earth, they then send it to the glass making factory to be changed from a raw material into glass. The next step is the plastic base.
The plastic base is made from the oil that miners extract out of the earth. Thay oil is then sent to the plastic processing plant where the oil will be changed from raw
material to plastics.From here it is then sent to the electronics factory, where they will insert the copper wire for electricity to be able to run through it.
Once the electronic factory has all the materials they will put the television together. After the television is made it will be sent to electronic stores where they
will be sold as service. Tuna Sandwich A tuna sandwich is a very nutritious meal and it's grown and cought by people near what we call home! Most tuna sandwichs consist of tuna fish, maynase and bread.Fisher men will extract the tuna fish from the fresh waters. After the fish are extracted they are sent to a cleaning factory to be changed from fish to fresh fish, so there is no harmful germs on the fish. Then the fish are sent to the cannery where they are changed from fresh fish to canned fish. Next in the list of how to make a tuna sandwich is mayo. Farmers who own chickens, will raise their hens. The hens will lay eggs which the farmer will extract the eggs from the nest. The farmers will then send the eggs to the cleaning factory to be changed from eggs to fresh eggs and also checked for diseases. It is then sent to the mayonaise factory where the eggs will be changed from eggs to mayonaise. The next part of the tuna sandwich is the bread. Farmers also grow the bread, they grow it in their crops as wheat. The farmers will extract the wheat from the earth they will most likely send the wheat to the grocery store. At the grocery store the bakers will bake the bread. They will then sell all f these products at the grocery store to be sold for service. mayonaise factory
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