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Gola's landscape approach, connecting forest and people with

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Nicolas Tubbs

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Gola's landscape approach, connecting forest and people with

Gola's Landscape Approach

Connecting forest & people with Cocoa

Nicolas Tubbs
Tropical Forest Conservation Manager
RSPB-BirdLife International

45 Cocoa Farmer Groups
Cooperative Union incl 6 member cooperatives ,with a total membership of 2,072 farmers
19% membership female; 38% aged ≤35
Current pilot group : 376 farmers targeting export of 12.5mt (2016). Total available export volume anticipated to rise to 200mt by 2018
Gender sensitive approach
Cocoa Crop Raiding
camera presence of chimps, duikers, mongoose
Counted cocoa pods during harvest season
rotten>damaged pods
squirrel&monkey>chimp damage
Why not support us with 1 Verified Carbon Unit?
CCF Summer Symposium 2016
Food security, sustainability and conservation

World Cocoa Barometer
-Direct employment >2M households
-Indirect employment for a further 5M people
-Including household dependents, >20M West Africans rely on cocoa economy.
>90% cocoa farmers are small scale, with plots of 1–3 hectares

-Ivory Coast 40% market, Ghana 25%

-Global Chocolate Industry $100 Billion/yr

-Most of 5,5M smallholders &workers who supply 90% of cocoa used by major companies live on <$2/day

-<3% of every 1$ spent on chocolate make it back to cocoa farmers
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