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Fred's Collaboration PanSIG 2013

Discussion of collaborative research project for Tuesday's at Freds

Andrew Sowter

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Fred's Collaboration PanSIG 2013

Andrew SOWTER Michael PARRISH Research Design The advantages of collaboration RESULTS
Through collaboration the project:
took place,
was implemented accurately and
was completed on time.

Collaboration also helped to refine concepts and reinforce knowledge.

Giving students a choice in writing topics, does increase fluency significantly 3 classes of Intermediate English
Mike (2) handwriting & typing
Andy (1) handwriting
Total: 54 students Take aways Does Choice of Topic Affect Writing Fluency?:
A Quantitative Study of Japanese University EFL Students Overview Project Origin The benefits of collaboration Original Concept Origins JALT2011-Tokyo Writing Fluency Project 2012 Practice +
4 ten-minute writing sessions Typing on a PC Student collaborations possible? Hand written Transcribed for analysis An example of the value of collaboration A website for analysing text Thanks for your attention and collaboration!

andy and mike Student Choice Vs Teacher Assigned Mode of writing Writing Fluency measured using Carroll's ratio Writing Fluency measured using Unique Words Both writing by hand or typing on a PC keyboard will result in valid data collection Student selection of a topic resulted in a statistically significant improvement in writing fluency Participants came from all over Japan Statistical analsysis using VassarStats Project Goals Resources Forums for participant discussion / collaboration One last example of collaboration! Collaborate &
Learn Quantitative Research Skills I want the Stats! You want the Stats!!

You can't handle stats! Kobe University LMS Thank you for your attention and collaboration! The students writing fluency was assessed using:
Carroll's Ratio and the Unique Words count This required analysis of each writing sample for both the total number of words written (TW) and for the total number of unique words used by the student (UW). The final mechanism used to accomplish this task took the following evolutionary path! Step 1:
Manually count handwritten samples for UW and TW. Step 2:
Transcribed all handwritten samples to a MS-Word document and used the word count for TW. Problem: about 250 writing samples!
The analysis was taking too much time and was prone to operator error. Problem: Still had to do the unique word count manually!
The analysis was still taking too much time!! Step 3:
Look for HELP!! in the WFP forums on SOLAC Success!
Score one for collaboration Bonzo's original study The aims of our study seminal study key finding: student choice of topic resulted in greater writing fluency 1. Replicate Bonzo's study 2. Determine the effect of
Typing versus writing by hand Teacher assigned Topic 1 Life after graduation
Teacher assigned Topic 2 Favorite classes & subjects Null hypothesis: mode of writing does effect writing fluency Take aways The most important result derived from this study was that... collaboration significantly improves research result effectiveness with a p<0.01 Oh yeah! By the way...
one more result!
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