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Copy of Information Literacy

Introduction to ICT and Information Literacy - TEPS121-10

Dianne Forbes

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Information Literacy

ICT & Information Literacy This Week Newsforum Can Anyone Help? Discussion Individual Tutorials Our Classroom I have holidayed on a sand
island off the coast of Denmark

I once taught ballet

I own a software company Welcome! What Will We Learn? ICT Information Literacy? Activity One How Will We Learn? Self-Check Learning to Learn... http://www.flickr.com/photos/will-lion/ What is Learning? What does Learning Look Like? Sorry! We won't be teaching you how to use your computer! BUT Learning THROUGH your computer will
teach you ABOUT your computer... We will challenge you to think beyond thecomputer (ICT), and to consider the use of ICT in your life and in educational contexts.

Through doing this, you will be developing skills in online learning that you can bring to your own classroom you will learn through your own inquiry
and by:

Reflecting Have I…?
Been online and successfully logged in to Moodle
Found the paper - TEPS121
Read through all the links in the paper systematically
Noted important dates
Printed off key instructions - e.g. for the modules
Introduced myself online
Located my Individual Tutorial
Had a “Practice and Play” so that I know how to post a message, and how to post an attachment
Got my book of readings Tips for Successful Online Learning Be organised
Check in often
Ask for help when you need it
Keep up with your readings
Use discussions to learn
Read and act on feedback 3 key pitfalls:

“Just didn’t do it…”

Missing the point
“Guess I should’ve read the instructions/criteria/guidelines/feedback huh!?”

The combo approach
“What Discussion!?” How do we learn?

How do our children learn? Modular approach - small bite-sized pieces of learning, Discussion as a key component
Encouraging reflection
Regular feedback
Guests including children and teachers
Research opportunity - project on a topic of your choosing
Your choice of presentation medium
Learning skills that can be applied across papers and directly to your classroom practice The Best Bits What is your biggest concern – about this paper or overall in relation to embarking on online study
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