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Literacy Fair - Copy 3

No description

Angie Fostaty

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Literacy Fair - Copy 3


Overall Literacy Collaborative Goal

What improvements in student achievement in various forms of writing would result from using the lens of the achievement chart, teacher moderation, case management, professional learning opportunities and assessment for learning strategies?

Student Performance Meetings
Overall Learning Goal

Using writing as a focus, we collaborate to improve our teaching practice to effect improvement in student achievement.
Evidence still to come...

• Improved EQAO scores??

• Positive SEF feedback when revisited this spring ??

Further increase in the number of students achieving level 3 or 4??

Students' skills sustained into next year??

Next Steps

•Refine sharing of teaching strategies in writing, using the 6+1 Traits.

•Lesson studies

•Continue modelling/sharing of learning goals/targets,
success criteria and teacher moderation

•Put into practice our success criteria for success

Next steps (cont'd)

- Delve more deeply into descriptive
(Come to a consensus re: ascribing levels
on formative work.)

- Cross-divisional classroom visits.

- Book study on Shirley Clarke.

- Student co-creation of Success Criteria for EQAO

- Assemble samples of success criteria of each form of
writing for the OWA and share with all staff

- Continue to refine Scope and Sequence of the Forms of Writing

- Align staff with common literacy frameworks,
(e.g. Daily 5, First 20 Days)

- Standardize deadlines for data submission

- Inclusion of samples in Learning Profile

- Continue to focus on those students not reaching the Provincial Standard.

What we did! Results Implementation

Issues and Challenges Teachers Engage Quotes Pioneers Settlers
Explorers "The Writing Workshops taught me the need for
and importance of explicit teaching 1 to 1 with struggling writers." "Her engagement brought
tears to my eyes." "OWA helped us to make instruction more focussed, resulting in higher student achievement."
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