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Variables (Independent, Dependent, & Constant)

6 Science_Unit 1_Class 5_PM_130829

Mr. Lane the Science Guy

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Variables (Independent, Dependent, & Constant)

Mr. Lane's Future Scientists of the World
Mad Scientists in Training
Lesson Objective
SWBAT identify different types
of variables (independent,
dependent, & constant)
Do now
Independent Variable
"I" Control Variable
The thing in an experiment that
is controlled by the scientist.
Dependent Variable
What happened Variable
The thing that is measured
in an experiment.
Constant Variable
The thing scientists keep the
same in a science experiment.
Mr. Lane at a whole pizza and got sick.
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
If Mr. Lane does not brush his teeth then he will get cavities.
Independent Variable

Dependent Variable
If Mr. Lane forgets to water his plants then they will die.
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
Constant Variable
Sponge Bob Variables
Exit Ticket
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