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How Does Gravity Affect Motion?

No description

Mackenzie Williams

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of How Does Gravity Affect Motion?

What is Gravity?
What is Motion?
Motion is the action or process of moving or being moved.
How does Gravity Affect Motion?
The pull of gravity between two objects depends on more than just the objects. Gravity's effect also depends on the distance between the objects. Objects that are closer together have a greater attraction between them. The attraction is weaker when they are farther apart. Gravity exists wherever there is mass, such as in stars and planets.Earth's gravity, for example, reaches millions and millions of kilometers into space.It grows weaker the farther away from Earth you get. The moon is less massive than Earth, so an astronaut standing on the moon weighs only one-sixth as much as on Earth.The astronaut's weight would change between Earth and the moon.The effect of Earth's gravity becomes less as the distance from Earth increases. Without gravity there would be no motion.
What else does Gravity Affect?
Gravity affects many other things such as the moon, time, acceleration, plant growth, motion of Earth, the water cycle, and much more.
How Does Gravity Affect Motion?
How Does it Affect Our Daily Lives?

Gravity is the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass. For most purposes Newton's laws of gravity apply, with minor modifications to take the general theory of relativity into account.
What does gravity's affect on motion have to do with our daily lives?
Gravity's affect on motion makes a huge impact on our lives in many different scenarios. Without gravity, there would be no motion.That means we would all just be floating around and would lose all muscle. That means no sports, cars, and we would eventually all become obese from lack of exercise. Guns would not work because the bullets would just float and have no acceleration.
How much did you know about your topic before you started??
Before I started, I knew gravity was what keeps our bodies down on Earth, but that was it.
What was your process?
In order to create this piece, I did a lot of research on gravity, gravitational potential energy, speed, and velocity. After I knew what I wanted to write, I put it all together in a Prezi format.
How have you gotten better at this type of work?
I have gotten better at finding good and reliable sources to use to find information for these types of projects.
In what ways do you need to improve?
I need to improve by working faster and finding a way to be more focused.
What problems did you encounter?
For this project, every time I started working on it I got really tired. To solve this, I drank 2 Monsters.
What resources did you use on this piece of work?
I mostly used the dictionary to define a lot of the key words that came up in my project.
What did you like/dislike about your project?
I liked learning about gravity, but I hated typing it all out and trying to explain everything.
What satisfied you about this project?
I was really satisfied when i finished the project.
What were your goals for this project?
My goals for this project were to complete this project and get a relatively good grade on it. These goals never changed.
What did this project reveal to me as a learner?
This project revealed to me that I get really tired and distracted easily even though I already knew that.
What does that tell you about yourself?
This tells me that I need to learn how to be more focused.
Did any of your ideas on the subject change?
No, none of my ideas changed. I just added real world situations to my project which I did not originally plan to do.
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