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My dream career

No description

afsana patel

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of My dream career

By: Afsana Patel My Dream Career as a Pediatrician Background Conclusion My name is Afsana and my dream career is to be a pediatrician. A pediatrician is a doctor who aids teenagers and infants.

Why a Pediatrician?
I love working with Kids
I have always wanted to be a doctor
Science has always been an interesting subject for me

Personal values
I hate seeing kids in pain, this way i know i would be doing my part to help them A program i can take to pursue this career is biology. A credential for this program would be a bachelors in science.

Two schools that have the program is University of Toronto or Ryerson University. Both schools require 4 years. Education to oversee the health of the sick children and teens
comfort them and make them feel safe
be friendly and bond with the kids Responsibilities Factors including full time against part time working, cost of living and the area in which you are working affects the salary
per hour the least a pediatrician can make in Canada is $32 the highest is $78
per year a pediatrician can make over $137,000 and less than $59,000 Financial Reward This career is suitable for me because...
I love helping others
I am determined at what I do
I have the good grades to get into medical school
Becoming a doctor involves mostly science, and science is my favourite subject A pediatrician is in charge of looking after the patient and to aid them in the best of their abilities Employers and Working Conditions I want to work at Sick Kids Hospital. Sick Kids specializes in pediatric healthcare and works toward finding cures and aiding children. Experience that i already have that would help me with this job is:
I volunteer at a Saturday school so i learn to interact with kids
I have experience babysitting so i know how to take care of kids Experiences In the next few years I hope to volunteer at a hospital or small clinic so I can learn how doctors work at a hospital and what they do. To prepare for this career i will:
Do co-op
Get a lot of volunteer experience working with kids and experience needed to be a doctor
The courses i will take in high school are: biology, chemistry, physics and parenting
After high school i will either apply for University of Toronto or Ryerson University
I will pay for my education by the money my parents saved up for university Action Plan Obstacles that might come in the way of me achieving my goals are: Barriers I might not get accepted into the college or university that I want to go to
I might do bad in one of the subjects that are important for my career

To overcome these obstacles i can:
Have back up universities or colleges that I can go to if I don't get accepted into my first choice
have a tutor that can help me through my hard subjects Trends and Future Outlook I think they will be hiring more people in my career field. I think this because birth rate is going to go up in the future. Babies are always going to be born who are going to need to be taken care of. My amount of experience and my degree will make me hirable.
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