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CLP Talk No. 8

Outline Presentation

Marthin Pil

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of CLP Talk No. 8

LIFE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit isn’t God’s messenger or the dove in Christ’s baptism The Holy Spirit is God the 3rd persona in the Holy Trinity With the Holy Spirit, men gain A new nature Union with God Power to serve as Jesus' witnesses When we receive the Holy Spirit,
What does it mean? We can experience
the same power and gift
of the Spirit that the
early Christians did We can also receive the
spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit The Nine Spiritual Gifts Wisdom Knowledge Healing Miracles Prophecy Interpretation What does being baptized
in the Spirit means for us? experience a fuller release of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives What will we do in the prayer session
next week? To Christ Pray Over Session Obstacles to receiving God's gifts An unrepentant attitude Feeling unworthy Fear Doubt Being selective as to what gifts we want RESPONSE GOD BLESS!!!

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