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Finding Nemo + Environmental message

No description

Karen No

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo + Environmental message

Background information Genre: computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film
Release date: May 30, 2003
Language: english
Country: United States
Running time: 100 minutes
Budget: $94 million
Director: Andrew Stanton
Producer: Graham Walters
Studio: Pixar Animation Studios
Released by: Walt Disney Plot two ocellars clownfish (Marlin and his wife)
they were attacked by an australian Garracuda
he eats all but Marlin and one of their eggs (Nemo)
on his first day on school, Nemo swam away and is getting abtucted by boat
when Marlin tries to get Namo back, he meets Dory, who has a short-term memory
they find diving goggles of the diver who abducted Nemo with his adress
with the help of other fish, Nemo gets into the washbasin and could swim thriuhg the sewage system into the sea and finds his father and Dory again Parents (Marlin) should trust their children (Nemo) more and let them explore the world on their own
It is worth fighting and overcoming fears for the one you love
Never give up./ Believe in yourself
The fish need to stay in the ocean/ in their wildlife habitat/ They can't be put in a small aquarium when they spent their lifetime in the wide sea
Fisher can't control that only the fish that they want to get caught, get caught
The fish are small creatures in contrast to us 'big' people - They can't defend themselves
They have their natural enemies - they do not have to protect themselves against us - we need to help them Messages Environmental concerns and consequences -devestation for the clownfish
outcry from environmental protection agencies
aquarium owners released their fish into the ocean, but in the wrong
harmful for the native environment Sources: en.wikipedia.org
findingnemo.com Thanks for listening! by Julia, Sophia, Karen, Jean-Claude, Furkan, Patrick
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