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Comparing the Aztecs and the Romans


Samson Levine

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Comparing the Aztecs and the Romans

Aztec Religion
The Aztecs did heart sacrifices because they thought if they didn't the sun would fall out of the sky.The god Quetzalcoatl was the only god against heart sacrifices.The Aztecs believed that it was a honor to be sacrificed.Heart sacrifices are important to the Aztecs because if they didn't they thought that the world would end.The Aztecs believed that there was many different gods.The sun god the Aztecs worshiped was named Huitzilopotchli.The Aztecs believed that when they die they go to the underworld.When the Spaniards invaded and took over they converted the Aztecs to Christianity.
Comparing the Aztecs and the Romans
By: Samson
Aztec Ruler
Montezuma II was made king in 1502
by then the empire was HUGE. When Montezuma II was king and when Cortes arrived, Montezuma II thought he was a god.When Montezuma II brought Cortes to his palace he was amazed at all the gold and riches in it.At first Montezuma II was an ally of Cortes and they traded together, then Cortes back stabbed him.Montezuma II was taken hostage by the Spaniards (or the Spanish) soon after they arrived.Cortes rallied up other tribes to make his army vast.About 400 or 500 Spaniards landed in Mexico.Montezma II died trying to stop a attack.
Montezuma II
The most important person next to the king
is a man called the ''Woman Snake".The Aztecs were ruled by priests, emperors, nobles, and warriors.Aztec kings had have strong control over the empire,or it would fall apart.The Aztecs ruled in a certain order : after the king dies a new one would get chosen over from the nobles, priests, and warriors, also the new king had to be from the same family.The other cities had to pay tributes to the capital city.When the empire was formed there was great trading expansion.The first ruler was a priest-king Tenoch.
The Aztec government
Roman Religion
The Romans believed that there was was a
two faced god named Janus, he was the god of doorways.When Christianity entered Britain the Romans stopped praying to the Roman gods and started praying to Christ.When the Romans conquered the Jews they told them to stop praying to God.At first the Roman gods were separate from the Greek gods.For the Romans, the emperors were also considered gods or something VERY close.As the Roman empire expanded, the people started worshiping the gods of other conquered areas, like the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Syrian god Mithra.
This is Janus
Roman Ruler
Julius Caesar was the greatest Roman emperor of all time.Caeser was elected ''Dicator For Life" in other words KING (the Romans didn't want a king).Honorius had a chicken named Rome. A funny story was when Rome was invaded by the army of Goths, Honorius thought that his chicken died because he had the same name as the city. Tarquinius Superbus ( he has a funny name) abolished certain rights of the Roman people.Even though Caesar was very successful and popular he was still murdered.Caesar's wife had nightmares and visions about Caesar going to the senate.She told him not to go the senate but did he listen NO, he ended up getting murdered.
This is Quetzalcoatl
Roman Government
When the Roman Republic was first set up in 500 B.C. ,the people in charge were two men called consuls.Woman were not allowed to be consuls.The consuls controlled the army, they decided whether to start a warm, how much taxes to collect and ,and what the laws were.They both had to agree in order to change anything; if one of them said ''Veto'', Latin for ''I forbid it", that meant then nothing will done.The consuls got advice from the Senate, which was made up of men from wealthy families in Rome.Women were not allowed to be in the Senate, just like they are not allowed to consuls.
How the Aztec empire fell
In the year 1519 was when the god Quetzalcoatl would return with a army.When Montezuma II heard that a army arrived , he was surprised and did not know what to do.With the help of horses and guns the Spaniards easily beat the Aztecs.In 1519 the Spaniards invaded.Montezuma II's men took presents to Cortes, when they left Cortes fired a gun the Aztecs were scared.The Spaniards had to face the vast Aztec empire in Otumba.
How the Roman empire fell
Alaric was a general Visigoths, northern European barbarian tribesmen.On the 24th of August 410 B.C. Rome was invaded.When the empire fell many Romans fled to North Africa for safety.Tuesday marks the 1,600Th anniversary of when Rome was invaded.Alaric was Christian invading a Christian city.Rome was reduced to a ruined village, with no more then 30,000 residents.The invasion lasted for 3 days.
Cortes meeting Montezuma II
The Aztec religion is similar to the Roman religion because: the Roman lost land from the Jews because they didn't want worship the Roman gods.The Aztecs lost LOTS of land because Cortes and his army of Spaniards invaded ,the Aztecs thought he was a god so they didn't fight as strong as they usually did.
The similarity with this is that they both lost lots of land to there enemys.They are different because the Aztecs lost the WHOLE empire, and the Romans just lost a country.
Comparing Religions
Comparing the Rulers
The Aztec rulers are similar to the Roman Rulers because:When Montezuma II was made emperor the empire stretched far and wide.Julius Caesar was the greatest Roman ruler of all time, which then made the empire bigger.
The similarity between them is that the two had made there empires huge.In addition another similarity is that when Caesar was king he attacked city states, and so did Montezuma II.They are different because Caesar ruled in the middle timeline and Montezuma ruled at the end of the timeline.
Comparing Government
The Aztec government is similar to the Roman government because:The senate is made up of wealthy families from all over Rome.The most important person next to the emperor is a man named the ''Woman Snake".
The similarity between the Roman government the and the Aztec government is that it is both made up of men.The difference between them is that the Aztec government has less control over the empire, and the Roman government has more has more control over the empire.
How they both fell
The Roman empire fell because it grew to big and eventually collapsed, and it had slave rebellions,and barbarians from the North.The Aztec empire fell because it grew to much and eventually collapsed, and it also happened because Hernan Cortes rallied other tribes and invaded.
priest-a man who carry's out sacrifices
underworld-the place were dead people go
calpulli-a group of Aztec families who own land
empire-a group of country's owned by a emperor or empresses
noble-a person born to a important family
warrior-a person who fights for someone or a country
tributes-a type of tax
scribes- a person who writes books by hand
glyph-pictures that are meant to be words
codex-Aztec book of pictures
civilzation-large group of people who settled in one place.
This is what Honorius thought what happened to Rome the Chicken
Gallery (Aztec)
Aztec heart sacrifices
This is the Aztec flag, later used as the national flag of Mexico.
This is the Aztec death whistle.
Gallery (Roman)
This is the Romans ''mighty" Zeus.
This is a Roman temple.
This is the Roman flag.
This is a Roman sword
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