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PLC presentation

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Justin Oza

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of PLC presentation

Steps on our Ideal Product
Our main objective of this project is to create an intelligent residential intruder burglar alarm to be used worldwide.
We will be conducting surveys and interviews
to collect data and hence improve the security and add extra functions for the user.
Group members:
Justin Ong Zhen An
Khor Jiaming
Lim ShuXian
Vincent Lim

Answers to the question:
65% of the people we surveyed said yes to the first question
80% of the people we surveyed said yes to the second question
Alarm signal, glass break sensor, PIN number input are the common answers to the third question.
She is Jessica jung, 22 years old. Owner of a resident living with her sister Krystal.

Xenith, age 34 currently living with his wife and kids in a 5 room flat.

We interviewed people from the public so this is two of our interviewer.
Questions answered by the interviewer
Questions Answered by the interviewer
Q: Hi Mr xenith, do you have an intelligent residential alarm system?
A:Currently, no. but i'm planning to get one if it has a good pricing.
Q:Do you think it's essential to have an alarm system at your residence?
A: Yes and No. Yes cause, i have kids. they always lose their keys and i'm concerned about their safety at home when i am not around. No cause there's police around my neighborhood.
Q:What do you it's important as a function in an alarm system.
A: personally i think it's important for the alarm system to have a emergency button that works even if the system is off. there might be unexpected danger around us. also if possible, a pin number that opens the door but at the same time send an emergency signal to the police in cases of threatening by the burglar.
End: alright, thank you Xenith.
Competitive Analysis
After much research we have summarize a few key points which makes our security system much more efficient compared to other brands
Competitive Analysis
Features of products currently available in the market
Door and window contacts sensors
Motion Sensors
Glass Break Sensors
Multiple language inputs
Built in siren alarm
Our Product
We have all the functions of the intelligent alarm as previously shown. On top of that we have additional functions such as :
Keychain Remote
Panic/Medical Alert Pendant
Shock/Vibration Sensor
Heat Sensor
Indoor and outdoor wireless camera
Mobile Application
Remote/Automatic Door Locks
Duress code
Key-Chain Remote
A security system keychain remote is an accessory device that allows you to arm/disarm your security system from a small remote on your keychain. It can also be used to set off a panic alert or to turn lights on or off. The keychain can normally be used within 50-100 feet of the home.
Panic/Medical alert Pendant
Panic buttons can be programmed to trigger a burglar alarm or alert medical authorities. They are used in emergency situations and will automatically notify your control panel to contact the police or medical personnel and may also trigger your siren.
Shock/Vibration Sensor
Shock sensors are less common but are used to detect the vibration in a window. It will trigger from the shock or vibration of an intruder striking the window or window frame.
Heat Sensor
A Heat Sensor will detect the rapid rise in heat in your home. If the temperature in your home changes drastically from a fire the Heat Sensor will trigger and an alert is sent to the fire department. A Heat Sensor can be combined with a Smoke Sensor or used on its own. Common uses for a Heat Sensor are in humid or dusty areas.
Indoor and Outdoor wireless Camera
The Wireless Security Camera is used to personally monitor your home and outdoor through video. The Wireless Cameras connect to your wireless Internet and can be viewed online or on your smartphone while away from the home. You can use the camera to view live video or recordings.
Mobile application
Mobile Applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry & Android are provided for free with Interactive Monitoring from your home security company. Using your Mobile Application you can receive instant alerts, arm/disarm your system, manage home automation devices and view streaming or recorded video.
Remote/Automatic Door Locks
Automatic Door Locks are home automation devices that replace your standard door locks. They are used to automatically lock or unlock your door from your smartphone, keypad or remote.
Duress Code

A duress code is a covert signal used by an individual that is under duress to indicate their state. The term duress code typically refers to a signal embedded in normal communication, such as a word or phrase used during conversation to alert other personnel of the duress. Alternatively, the signal may be incorporated into the authentication process itself, typically in the form of a panic password, distress password, or duress PIN that is distinct from the user's normal password or PIN. These concepts are related to a panic alarm and often achieve the same outcome.
Customers have been concerned about the problem that they have to leave their houses during a vacation. but with the high technology in the alarm. customers can now access the situation of their houses with a smart phone or a computer
Customers are also concerned that if the alarm is switched off, how can it serve to protect the houses. and thus, we had included a panic button for them. this panic button can call the authorities and inform them at any moment.
The interviewed also mentioned that in case of a situation where they are forced to open the door for the burglar, they would not want the alarm to go off and make the burglar panic. Therefore, we had implanted the function of an alternate pin number. with the pin number, the door would still open however, emergency signals would be sent to the authorities . CCTV should be installed in the house to capture the culprit's face.
Flow Chart

This project is targeted to attract customers with premises that needs security.
Tiffany Hwang (24) , a housewife , just bought a flat and she wants to incorporate a security system to her protect her new house from any theft or force entry.
Do you have an intelligent residential alarm equipped at your home?
Do you think you need one at your house?
What do you think about the functions an alarm should have?
Q: Hi jessica, do you have an intelligent residential alarm at home?
A: yes i do. It's an essential for us as we are
living alone. (laughs) it's better safe than sorry!
Q: Are you satisfied with the function it currently has right now?
A:Pretty much yes.. i guess? but it would have been better with more functions.
Q: In what ways do you think that your alarm system at home can be improved?
A: Well, both of us sisters actually travel alot. In some ways i feel uneasy to leave our house unattended to. it's better if the alarm system had an smart phone app so that we could access the situation in and outside of our homes easily and at anywhere.
End: alright thank you jessica.
Questions Answered by the interviewer

By fire

Alarm Triggered



Break In
Heat Sensor

Shock Sensor and Automatic locks activated

Alert the authorities


Hope you all would consider our product and purchase as it satisfy the requirements of our customers.
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