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How to help coral reefs

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salvador mosqueda

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of How to help coral reefs

Coral reefs can be sensitive to the diseases there are in the ocean. For example, there’s black band disease destroys tissues as it moves on the surface of the ocean.If coral reefs affect these reefs, it can kill all the colonies within months.There’s also coral bleaching,which cause the reef to be stressed and it makes the reefs look white.Coral bleaching is caused by the loss of symbiotic algae found in the coral tissues.
White band disease is also a disease that can hurt the reefs. White band disease can be caused due to overgrowth of algae in the reef. Whenever this disease has made an effect,the reef’s tissue peels off.
Reefs have a skeleton of calcium carbon that can help them protect the polyps.The stomach that the reef building have contain a wall in which they extend and make the reefs get stronger.The mouth that the reefs have leads into the stomach cavity.Reefs are connected with a tissue that if they have contact with a disease,the disease will harm it and will definitely kill it as months go by.

Coral reefs are important to humans because they help protect some of our beautiful beaches that we have.Without reefs,some fishes would of been dead because they sometimes go to the reefs to feed themselves.As long as we stay alive,we will continue to fish because we need that protein that comes from the fishes.Fisheries also depend on coral reefs directly and sometimes indirectly as a source of livelihood.
Our coral reefs also help us in our tourism industries.If we don’t take care of our coral reefs,our beaches will look bad and tourists will not visit our beaches for either boating,snorkeling,or diving.Some threats that corals have coming from us is that we can destroy them if drive a boat over them and we let an anchor go in the water.If the anchor lands on the reef,it will destroy it and it will be one less out many.Fertilizer runoff can also affect the coral reefs and can cause coral bleaching,which stresses the coral reefs and that can be bad.We can’t really touch or step on the coral reefs because it will destroy them.
If our reefs collapsed and erode away, the world of human will lose a lot of money per year.We depend on the reefs,and if they all went missing,we will be losing an estimated amount of $375 billion a year.Many jobs will be lost too,estimated amount of 38 million people will be fired,probably create poverty in some people’s lives.If the reefs help us build jobs and create a better world,then we should stop harming it and start walking or riding bikes to prevent pollution.If we start doing these type of activities,our coral reefs will be able to last longer.

How to help coral reefs
by: Salvador Mosqueda
Coral reefs are found in tropical oceans near the equator.The largest coral reef is found in Australia called “The Great Barrier Reef”. The second largest reef can be found off the coast of Belize,in Central America.Other reefs can be found in other tropical oceans like the red sea or in Hawaii.
Coral reefs need specific things in order to be good and be able to stay alive.Reefs need sunlight , be in warm waters and,be in shallow waters of the oceans.Many animals like for example ,mammals, use the coral reef to catch preys to feed themselves,clean themselves and for other things. Reefs are important in the ocean wildlife because if half of them die due to lack of sunlight and temperatures.
Coral reefs are restricted in some areas due to the release of vast quantities of fresh water from the Amazon and ganges river.If reefs get deeper than 60 meters, they will not be able to get enough sunlight for their algae to survive. If the algae doesn’t survive,reefs can feed themselves and they will end up dying due to lack of algae. The world needs to stay clean and we need to help the reefs stay strong and healthy so other animals can use it for their needs.

Coral reefs are important in our world because they help us in many ways. If we use less water, for example ,turning off the faucet whenever we brush our teeth,or take a shower faster, things like that can help our reefs. If we use less water,we can avoid getting it more polluted. Pollution hurts our ocean wildlife a lot. Pollution can lead to coral bleaching and then the corals can die after time.
Scientists in today’s day are helping out the corals grow back by collecting coral spawn off Herold Island on the Great Barrier reef and getting them bigger in tanks. Scientists are helping out the reefs by depositing millions of coral larvae into ocean areas where corals can’t grow by themselves. This new method of growing corals in tanks will be the new technology to help reefs be better. Mostly all of the reefs right now are bruised and scientists say 95% of the reefs are facing big threats. Reefs haven’t been like this in the past 35 years.
Climate changes hurt the reefs too because sometimes there is not enough sunlight to help the reefs grow faster. NOAA help the reefs by watching their temperatures,salinities,barometric pressure,sea temperatures and tide levels. Each hour that goes by, signals are sent through satellites containing all of this information to the scientists and they observe if the corals are in danger or not. Now, with this type of technology, scientists will be closer to the reefs and will be able to help them faster.

In order to save and help our coral reefs, we have to get together and take actions. Some of the things we can do are save water by turning off the water faucet while you brush your teeth, wash dishes, wash cars etc. Not turning off the water wastes water and harms animals and oceans in the wildlife. We have to save our coral reefs because they help us too. Some other things we can do is walk, ride bikes,the bus along with others to save gas, money and not pollute our air and oceans. Fossil fuel emissions from cars lead to ocean warming which causes coral bleaching which causes them to die.
Coral reefs are very important to human dependence because they help us have all types of jobs. Coral reefs provide an estimate of $30 billion dollars a year in goods and services. Coral reefs help an estimate of 1 billion people by providing them food and jobs to keep sustaining themselves alive. People who go visit the coral reefs in the tourism industry also generate about $3 billion dollars annually just because the coral reefs are very important to human life.There was a study that said coral reefs could help in medical advances in the future. Coral reefs may be able to help more to cure diseases like cancer and HIV as long as we keep them healthy .
Coral reefs will be able to attract more tourist if we keep them healthy, my prediction can give an idea of what can or will happen in the future with coral reefs and the wildlife around them. If we want coral reefs to keep giving us jobs, food to eat, and money, we have to help them out by limiting ourselves using water and transportation in order to not harm them and cause them to stress themselves.

What is killing the coral reef?
In order to conclude this research and be able to get help, i will need information that can show facts, before and after pictures or videos that show the impact. Coral reefs go through a lot every day by helping us, animals, and the environment around us. I will need videos showing before and after views of the coral reefs showing whether they changed or not over time.
Some steps i will take is maybe make a powerpoint with pictures and videos of the coral reefs. I will state facts about the corals and provide information about how we can help them and how they help us . In order to be able to help the coral reefs, we have to clean up our beaches and going around picking up trash and throwing it in the recycling bins or the trash can .If we want to continue having these benefits, we have to take care of our coral reefs like if they really mean something to us. We have to appreciate what we have and take care of it. Think of whenever someone gave you your first toy, i’m pretty sure you took care of it really good because it meant something and it was so special.
If we start cleaning beaches and stop littering, we can have a cleaner world, help animals, reefs, etc. The United States is known as the country for a better future because there’s a lot of jobs out there that can help you succeed in life. Coral reefs help us have jobs and make our country better.
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