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SETDA Webinar Sept 2014: Prezi's ConnectED Commitment

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Ashley Whitlatch

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of SETDA Webinar Sept 2014: Prezi's ConnectED Commitment

Prezi in the classroom
"We make the world better."
"We make the world better."
Student Licenses? Only
Grades 9-12
are eligible
of four-year EDU Pro licenses
"How do I take advantage of this?"
Oakland, CA
Courtney Connelly
to apply for your EDU Pro licenses & take advantage of our free resources
Classified by the United States Department of Education as a Title I institution
Have a physical institution address within the United States of America (or its territories).
Public school, state operated school, county operated school, or Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) school
The Fine Print:
Educator Licenses?
All K-12 educators
are eligible
Applications are being accepted now!
How is Prezi currently used in Education?
We've approved
“Students have so much experience with technology already, that I feel like it's time our classrooms caught up with them. They want to feel empowered – and Prezi allows for that."
as well as free resources
of our commitment
EDU Pro Licenses
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