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Architecture response in Modern Cities

No description

Javier Rey

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Architecture response in Modern Cities

Gate Tower, Osaka.

Broadgate Exchange House, London.

Marina City Tower, Chicago. Cases of study Broadgate Exchange House, London Architecture
Engineering Tower Bridge Architectural responses in
Modern Cities Laura López Gabaldón
Judit Palacios Martínez
Javier Rey Martínez Introduction Gate Tower, Osaka. Marina City Towers, Chicago Broadgate Exchange House,
London London’s Broadgate Exchange House has become an instant classic, one that exemplifies a principle fostered by SOM that virtually all of the world’s cities can find important new urban space.

Design Completion Year: 1990
Designed by SOM study: Project determinant:
The Site Liverpool Street Station tracks Exchange
Square Site Location Design Marina City Towers, Chicago.

"A city within another city ".
Marina City is the microcosm of the city and an important structural innovation, as they were the first buildings in the world to use the slipform design.

Design by Bertrand Golderg.

Design Completion Year: 1964. Problem Competition won by
SOM Architecture: Engineering: Solution Marina City is composed of different buildings around a plaza. - Two 61 floors residential towers, (20 private parking floors; 40 floors for apartments)

-A 16-storey building for shopping center and leisure Structure Design + Exposed perimeter structural steel Structure Bertrand Goldberg (1913 - 1997) was known for innovative structural solutions to complex problems Goldberg's experimental plywood boxcars, demountable housing units for military use during and after World War II Primary structure of four parabolic segmented tied arches. Span = 78m across the railway tracks Grid of columns and beams. Two external
Two internal visible from exterior
exposed in the atrium American architectural and engineering firm. It was formed in Chicago in 1936 by Louis Skidmore and Nathaniel Owings and John O. Merrill.
Projects all over the world.

Innovative structure & exciting architecture.

Architects and structural Engineers can, work together & produce an elegant solution.

Complement one another. Broadgate Exchange House, London Nowadays, architecture is in continuous development with the cities' needs and sources.

There is a relationship between Automotive and building Architecture which determines in many ways the building design. GATE TOWER Generally expressways are built underground, and passing through a building is an extremely engineering achievement. Gate Tower Building is a 16-story office building in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan.

It has been nicknamed "beehive" referring to its appearance.

GATE TOWER In 1983, the redevelopment of the area was decided, but building permits were refused because the highway was already being planned to be built over this land. Hanshin Expressway corporation , a network of 239.3 km of expressways surrounding Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, Japan. Conclusions GATE TOWER The building has a double core construction, with a circular cross section. The highway passes between the fifth and seventh floors of this building. PROFILE

•Completed: 1992
•Site area: 2,353 m2
•Construction area: 760 m2
•Total floor area: 7,956 m2
•Structure: Reinforced concrete and partly steel frame
•Height: 71.9 m
•Floors: 16 floors above ground, 2 floors underground and 1 floor counted as the mechanical penthouse
•Purpose: Office building
•Client: Suezawa Sangyo Co. Ltd.
•Designer: Azusa Sekkei and Yamamoto-Nishihara Kenchiku Sekkei Jimusho
•Builder: Sato Kogyo Co. Ltd.
The Gate Tower Building is a shining example of Japan’s urban engineering skills, determination to solve potentially intractable problems and above all, desire to reach consensus regardless of the time and trouble required to do so.

As for the Gate Tower Building itself, it may look super-cool and be a nice place to visit… but would you really want to work there?
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