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History of Mystery

No description

Jan Duane

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of History of Mystery

History of Mystery
Auguste Dupin - was the amateur detective in the Rue Morgue who solved crimes that the police could not.
The First Mystery Movie
The Great Train Robbery
First mystery writer was
Edgar Allan Poe

The Murders in the Rue Morgue
No sound!
The movie was about twelve minutes long.
Book's cover
Poe inspired Sir Author Conan Doyle to write his mystery stories. He wrote a Study in Scarlet in 1890.
Sherlock Holmes
was his main character.

Agatha Christie
English crime writer of novels.
She is one of the best selling novelists of all time, having sold over 4 billions copies of her books.

Christie's most famous book was Ten Little Indians or And Then There Were None.
The Hardy Boys and The Nancy Drew series were published around 1927 and 1930. These series were written by Americans.
Mildred Wilt Benson was Carolyn Keene.
She had a master's degree in journalism and after 60 years of writing, she just wrote a monthy column until her death in 2001.
Edward Stratemeyer used Franklin W. Dixon as a fictional name. Edward created the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew characters. He and his daughter wrote 220 Hardy Boys books. A team of writers wrote the rest. They could not reveal their identities.
Firs radio show based on detective aired weekly in 1930. This radio broadcast was on Oct. 31, 1937.
Batman and Robin
were early mystery comics.
1960's Batman and Robin
Hitchcock, Perry Mason and Dragnet were popular TV shows in the 1950s.
Hard Boiled Detectives
These were hard drinking, tough talking private investigators. They belong to the working class and the crime takes place in the city, not in an English country house.
Dashiell Hammett
Unsolved Mysteries
First Interactive Mystery series
In 1995 the first mystery website was created.

In 1999 the most popular books were ROMANCE,
not mysteries!

Perry Mason Theme Song
Hitchcock Theme Song
Dragnet's Opening
Murder in the Rue Morgue
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