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Drew McCabe

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Volleyball

By, Ava McCabe
Volleyball History
Volleyball Evolution
Volleyball Basics
Positions/Jobs on the Court
Volleyball Rules
Reffing/Score Keeping
Volleyball History

In 1895 a YMCA P.E. director by the name of William G. Morgan made up a game called Mintonette.
He made up the game by taking characteristics from Tennis and Handball.
First Rules

Unlimited number of players on each team.
Unlimited amount of hits before sending the ball over the net to the opposing team.
Nine innings. Three serves per team in each inning.
Two try's for serving.
The net must be 6ft 6in high.
Court size 25 50ft.

In 1896 the first Mintonette exhibition match was
held at the international YMCA training school.
From then on Mintonette was known as "Volley ball".

The rules were modified at the exhibition. Word of
the new game of Volley ball spread fast to other YMCA s.

By 1916 in the Philippines they had discovered the technique
of setting and hitting.

In 1920 they had made the three hits rule, and a rule that you
cant hit from the back row.

By 1964 they had changed the name to Volleyball and it was added
as an olympic sport.
Volleyball Basics

Positions and Jobs on the Court

Outside Hitter
Middle Hitter/Blocker
Right Side Hitter
To receive the ball on the second hit. Set to one of
the hitters to create the play.
Is to hit the ball over the net.
Take short balls and pass up to the setter.
Block every ball.
To spike the ball over the net.
To pass to the setter.
To hit the ball when set too.
Pass to the setter.
To pass up to the setter.
Pass the first ball to the setter.
Volleyball Rules
3 hits before sending it over.
1 try for serving. If you step over the line it counts as a foot fowl.
6 people on the court at a time.
Maximum of 12 players on a team.
A singe match is made up of 2 to 3 games. The first 2 games go to 25 points. 3rd game goes to 15 points to settle a tie.
You cant wear jewelry.

Club Rules vs. High School Rules
Club Rules High School Rules
Max of 12 substitutions per game.
Max of 18 substitutions per game.
Each time out is 30 seconds. Each time out is 60 seconds.

The Libero can not be team captain. Libero can be the team captain.

Can touch net (except top of net)
and can cross over ndividing lines
on the bottom of the net
(if not intering or causing a
safety hazard) and over the net.
Cant touch net, or cross over dividing
lines on bottom and top of net.
Club Rules
Club Rules
High School Rules
Maximum of 12 substitutions
per game.
Maximum of 18 substitutions
per game.
Each time out 30 seconds.
Each time out is 60 seconds
Libero can not be team captain.
Libero can be team captain.
Can not touch net or cross over dividing
lines on to and bottom net.
Can touch net (Except the
top tape on the net)
and cross over dividing lines on
top and bottom of the
net(As long as part of
your body is still on your side
,and your not interfering or
causing a safety hazard.)
Reffing and Score Keeping
Thanks for Watching!!!!

My Coaches
Online course at CourseMill
Lesson on Reffing and Score keeping from a Club Coach
Google images
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