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Copy of Pret A Manger case

Marketing Trend Drivers

Davison Moreira

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pret A Manger case

Brief introduction to Pret
Competitive Advantages
Advantage-creating resources
What Competitive Advantages exist for Pret as a result of their differentiation strategy
Uniqueness drivers
Pitfall and Recommendations
Comparison of our recommendations and initiatives

Prét a manger opened in London in 1986 by two college friends
The starting point for the company was to make proper sandwiches avoiding the
chemicals, additives and preservatives
The two had no business experience, but wanted to create a business with the sort of
food they craved themselves
In 2011-2012 about 280 shops, mostly located in the UK, are expected to have opened
The turnover is roughly 270 million pounds a year

The 4 P's



Natural ingredients
Sandwich, Salads, coffee & snacks
Avoiding preservatives and obscure chemicals
Delivery service
Freshly made
For large groups, Pret offers a bagged lunch service
Baby changing facilities

Affordable prices
Pret will launch cheaper foods – including a £1.99 ham salad sandwich – while keeping 90% of prices the same as they are now


Operates in more than 250 shops in Britain, the US and Hong Kong
Pret aims at being available in most districts close to their target customers

Healthy food – Committed to being healthy lifestyle champions
Pret’s suppliers have to go to great lengths to meet their high standards
Sustainable Sourcing – High animal welfare standards & sustainable supply chain
Focusing on what they actually do to reduce their impact on the environment
Contribution to society – The Pret Foundation Trust
Pret offers food to charity at the end of each day rather than keep it over
Customer feedback is crucial to their business strategy and product development
People in the food business trust Pret, after many years in the business, which is vital to their on-going success
Carefully adapting the UK model to suit American tastes
Pret is a brand people trust – and people are coming back
Value-based words related to Pret’s brand
Good food
High standards


Animal welfare
Customer feedback
Employee satisfaction
The technological environment
- Technological change and development
Internet (e.g. online business and customer-to-customer communications/new social medias)
Electronic capture of customer data (e.g. online shopping and loyalty card schemes)

SWOT analysis

- Attracting more costumers

Student discount

Facilities for mothers – Is this a good idea?

- The expansion to US

- Good performance à reward

- Should the brand be national or international?

- Stick to the strategy!
- Technology
Pret card
- New menu

- Brand consistency
Our recommendations
Macro-environmental analysis
• The economic and political environment
- Late 2000s global financial crisis
Public sector recession in the UK (2010-)
- Government funding cuts
- VAT rise from 17.5% to 20%
-The social and cultural environment

Changes in households eating patterns
- e.g. convenience food/ready-to-eat
Greater concern for:
- Personal health, e.g. healthier food
- Environmental sustainability and climate change
- Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


• Fresh food
• Healthy and high quality
• Service and personal contact
• Transparent corporate responsibility
Differentiation strategy:
Pret a Manger today
Uniqueness drivers
Advantage-creating resources
Advantage-creating resources at Pret
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