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No description

Izabelle samaniego

on 12 February 2015

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Bobby Newport
Bobby Newport is superficially charming, extremely naive and unintelligent. He has gotten everything he ever wanted either by whining or pleading for it. He didn't go to college but comes from a wealthy family.
Hasty Generalization
Straw man
Leslie Knope:
I think we should have a chance to learn more than just Spanish here. We should be given the chance to learn French or German. The solution is provide classes we could take to learn those languages.
Bobby Newport:
So you just want more and more people to not understand each other. You want the world to go insane and collapse because we can't communicate. You horrible person.
Leslie Knope
Leslie Knope Campaign
Cate McCarty, Zoey Merfalen, Izabelle Samaniego
English, Period 9
Leslie Knope is extremely cheerful, ambitious, hard-working and optimistic. She is firmly committed to the belief that government should provide a service for its people, and regularly goes above and beyond. She went to Harvard and got her doctorates in medicine.
Slippery Slope
All in all, we want to live our dream. Help us live our dream, let us see the beauty of nature, technology to strengthen our mind, and the ability to speak another language. Fix the landscape, fund raise to get better technology, and give others jobs to enable us to have the option to learn another language.
Leslie Knope:

Lets be honest this place looks like a dump.. There's holes and weeds everywhere! Then a kid could fall! THEY COULD BREAK THEIR LEG! And if they break their leg, they can SUE us! And if they sue us, we will lose money! Then if we lose money, we cannot afford a new landscape! We as a school and community should work together to make our school look better and save A KIDS LEG!
Bobby Newport:
The students shouldn't be getting new technology, all they do is not take care of it and break things!
That's not right to say! There are students who do take care of the technology! Just because other students haven't been taking care of it doesn't mean every student can't take care of them.
Bobby Newport:
Wow... This 'dump' is a place of learning! Not running around and tripping in holes! They should be reading or studying, not messing around in some dirt!
Leslie Knope:
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