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No description

Chelsea Avina

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of SINGING

There are 12 major singing scales. If you want to expand your range its important to practice these scales regularly and have proper breathing.
sing with your heart
Some people sing just because, but the best singers sing from the heart. When you sing from the heart, you're giving it your all, putting emotion and thought into every word and articulation.
Most people who aren't trained properly sing from the chest. Singing from the chest causes alot of tension and gives you the least amount of control. Proper breathing requires you to open you rib and stomach muscles when breathing in making room in the lungs for air. This gives you full control over your voice.
why sing?
Everyone has their own ways of relieving stress. Some people play sports to do so, some people write in their journals, but me? I sing. Studies show that singing prevents depression and is a calming activity. Singing also reduces levels of anxiety.
Today I gave you a little bit of knowledge on singing and some tips to help you in the future. So next time you are feeling a little stressed out, especially with upcoming finals and important tests, put it all into a song. You will not only improve your singing skills, but ace your test and relieve stress.
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