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Time for Rebuilding (Reconstruction) 4th grade

No description

Paige Slaughter

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Time for Rebuilding (Reconstruction) 4th grade

Let's Review... Causes of the Civil War Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grart in 1865.
Half a million Americans lost their lives in the Civil War.
More soldiers died in this war than any other United States has ever fought. Most of the Civil War was fought in the South. When the war ended, farms and towns were badly damaged. Railroads and bridges had been destroyed. Banks were out of business, and Confederate money was of no value. Most stores and schools were closed. It was time to REBUILD Reconstruction was the process of setting up new governments in the former Confederate states and re-admitting them to the Union. During the last months of the Civil War, President Lincoln made plans to bring the country back together. This was Lincoln's Plan...
Under Lincoln's plan, Southerners who took an oath saying they would support the Union would be granted a pardon. The terms of the Reconstruction plan allowed southern states to form new governments and constitutions, as long as 10% of their voters supported the Union. The 1860 presidential election would be the basis of the 10% of voters. The new government would ratify the Thirteenth Amendment. That amendment had been passed by the United States Congress in 1865. It outlawed slavery in all parts of the United States. Almost all Northerners thought that Lincoln's plan wasn't harsh enough, because they thought that Southerners should get more punishment for trying to secede from the Union. If you recall, President Lincoln was assassinated shortly after he was elected. The Vice President, Andrew Johnson became president. He wanted to follow Lincoln's plan for the South. Some of the Republicans in Congress did not like President Lincoln's plan. They thought his plan would not punish the South enough. This group of radical Republicans waned to make it much harder for the southern states to get back into the Union.
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