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ES Habitat For Humanity Presentation

No description

Zulaika Zulkephli

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of ES Habitat For Humanity Presentation

Who are we?
What do we do?
We are a group of
high schoolers
who want to make a difference in our society by building houses for people who don't have a decent home of their own.

With the money we raise through fundraising, plus money of our own, we
buy building materials necessary
for our build. We also pay the
salaries of the workers
helping us on site.
Step 2:
Pay for supplies
Step 3:
2014 Build in Kuching
Step 1:
Raise Money
Habitat for Humanity

How Do We Achieve This?
Christmas Bazaar
and Year End Market
Fundraising Week
Nov. 2-6
Selling merchandise
Alternate Dress Day
Friday (Nov 6):

or your H4H t-shirt to show your support!

You have the opportunity to help many people!
50/50 Draw
Thinking with Ink Workshop
Our Fundraising Website
Every piece of merchandise you buy, every coin and bill in the Jug Wars jugs, every brick you buy, every ringgit you donate, makes a difference.
Help us to help families who cannot afford a decent home of their own.

Thank you for your support!
Building houses, building hope.
...into THIS
We turn this...
Our H4H Video
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