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Where the Red Fern Grows

This is the WTRFG presentation showing the plot line throughout the story.

Clara Delgado

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Where the Red Fern Grows

Plot Line Where the Red Fern Grows Presentation Scene 1 Setting Then in chapter 2 the author described the setting at Billy's farm. Billy's house was located in the Ozark Mountains, in northeastern Oklahoma. Billy lived with his mother, father, and three sisters. The Dog wanting Disease Billy had always wanted two hounds. He caught the dog wanting discease until he couldn't wait any longer. He ran to his grandfather and was told he had to do his share of work. Then Billy realized what he had to do to earn his pups.

His work began when he started to help with extra responsibilities such as: hunting, trapping, and picking berries. With all that time put into it, he could finally afford two hounds with more than enough money. Without telling his parents, he walked to Talaquah train depot seeking his hounds. The book began when Billy was an old man. As he left his office, he whistled and noticed a big dog fight. With one of the red hounds wounded, he took the hound under his wing figuratively speaking. After he cared for the hound, he let the hound go, knowing that the dog had an owner. Freckle Face Fist Fight After he left the Depot station with his two pups, a horde of boys came along and pulled on his pups ear. Irritated, Billy punched the freckle face boy in the nose. The other boys tackled him to the ground hurting Billy. Luckily, the station master scared off the angry boys and helped him up.

As Billy left town, he thought about the names of his dogs. Then right there, out of nowhere, Billy noticed the carving of the words Dan and Ann in a big sycamore tree. That's when he decided on the names of his pups, Old Dan and Little Ann. Becoming Well Known After getting home, Billy started to train his hounds.
Once he chopped down the tall Sycomore, Billy finally hunted his very own coon. That's when he was seriously into coon hunting. Now Billy had caught more than enough coons. It was unimaginable to him. Word spread and everyone knew what a skilled hunter Billy was. Coons Pictures Old Dan and
Little Ann Pictures Pritchard Boys Bet and Tragedy Now that word had spread, the Pritchards knew the famously talented Billy. The Pritchards were a family of four that lived close to where Billy had lived. The Pritchards had two sons named Rainie and Rubin, who were terribly mean and rude boys.

Rubin and Rainie bet two dollars if Billy had caught the ghost coon wandering in their woods. Billy's grandfather exepted the bet, and they were off. After Billy had found the ghost coon, Billy's hounds chased it up a tree. Then the coon pulled his trick. With one of the hanged limbs connected to a shelter, the coon ran and hid on the roof of the shack. Billy noticed the escape the ghost coon had pulled, so he climbed to the roof of the shed and there it was, the ghost coon. By this time, Billy didn't want to kill the coon. That was when disaster broke loose. The Pritchards boys started to argue and say, if Billy didn't kill the coon, they would. Now the fight began, and they wrestled on the ground. Then Blue, their dog broke loose from the rope and started the fight against Old Dan and Little Ann. Luckily Billy's hounds were strong enough to win the fight against Blue together. Rubin tryed to kill the hounds with the ax when he triped and stabed himself in the stomach. Rainie got help but by the time he got back Rubin was dead. Anouncinhg The Champion Coon Hunt After the funiral of Rubin's death, Billy didn't want to hunt anymore. Of couse he felt bad about the acident but was that really the end of his hunting career. He saved up for pups for two years and had worked so hard for them, and now he had said that he didn't want to hunt anymore.

Grandfather noticed that problem and instead excited Billy with the Champion Coon Hunt paper slip. This caused a big talk at the dinner table. Finally Billy stated that he would go with Grandfather and Papa. To his youngest sister he promised that he would bring home the gold cup for her to keep. Then off they were, to the Champion Coon Hunt. Picture of Billy and Family Starting the Hunt First, Billy, his Father, and Grandfather arrived at the camp. First thing that got anounced was the beauty contest. Billy couldn't have entered Old Dan because he had fought so often, he had too many scares. The dicistion had been made, it was Little Ann. To get prepared, Billy used extra butter found in their food provisions. After she had got scrubbed with that, Billy used grandfather's brush, not aware how his grandfather would react. Now Little Ann looked magnificent. Billy had gotten a first good impresion from the judge placing from top 10 to 5 to 2. She and a beautiful white hound were left. Luckily, the other hound fell off the table and Billy earned 1st prize. What a beautiful cup it had been.

Not much long after that, there was the qualifing hunt. Each team must hunt and skin at least 3 coons. If you hunted three coons in that night you would hunt in the Championships Hunt. To win that, you must accomplish hunting the most coons out of all teams. The Final Round Billy made the qualifing round and had caught 3 coons with the help from Billy's Grandfather and Father. Needing to rest Billy's hound saved their energy for the final round.

When the championships had started everything had gone fine until a giant blizzard occured to cause problems with heavy snow and high winds. Hunting was getting harder and harder until Billy lost his dogs in the blizzard. Trying to find them Billy could hear the dogs from the fast wind, but barely had he. Finally he found them barking at a huge tree containing at least three coons. Billy noticed someone had gone missing in the group. Grampa couldn't catch up with Billy trying to find Little Ann and Old Dan. Billy's dog's fortuneatly found Grandfather lying on the cold hard ground with a bad sprain. The Results It turned out that Billy actually had won the cup. Even though his grandfather got injured, he kept on trying. All the other hunters had went in early but Billy had been determined to have found his dogs. With two beautiful cups and more than enough money he could have emagined, Billy left camp and to travel for home. Mountain Lion Fight After that, Billy had hunted so often. He had loved to hunt, it was in his blood. He would run after his dogs, so proud of them. The one and last time the three of them ever hunted together was the most tragic night of Billy's life.

It all started when Billy heard growling, snarling, and barking from his dogs. When he had come to see what the problem was, it was too late. He could see the big eyes staring out at Billy and his dogs. There was the leap, and Old Dan was in the air. Meeting in mid-air the monster cat had shoved Old Dan to the ground. It was the Mountain Lion! The dogs fought. Billy fought with his ax . The tearing cat jumped at Billy but to save the life of their owner Old Dan and Little Ann caught between them. Billy slashed at the mountain lion again and again until it was all over. With the two injured dogs, Billy had brought them home.

Old Dan was two beat up to the piont he couldn't make it. With one last look at his beloved owner he showed all of his gratidude towards Billy. Graditude Towards the Owner Now that Old Dan had died Little Ann showed no reason to live. Her body growed weaker and weaker. She would not eat. She will run away and not respond if you called her. She was devistated from the loss of her beloved brother. She would do everything with him. Eat, Sleep, and Hunt. She was almost dead until had she dragged her almost lifeless body to his grave. By the time Billy had found her she was dead. Billy had cried and grieved for a long time. He had asked God, ''Why does this happen??''

After the death of his loved hounds, Billy buried the dogs and carved their names in their graves. Little Ann and Old Dan. Leaving the House Even though Billy's dogs were gone, he would always know that they loved him so much. Now Billy's parents had enough money to move to town because of them. So, they did. But before they left, a beautiful red fern had sprouted between Old Dan and Little Ann's grave. When Billy saw this he ran for Mama, Papa, and the three sisters. What a beautiful sight it was. Thanks for watching:)
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