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Biography of Anthony Romeo Santos

No description

Panshitta Javiera

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Biography of Anthony Romeo Santos

Biography of Anthony Romeo Santos
Anthony Romeo Santos is a American singer, he was born on July 21st, 1981 on Bronx New York. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Dominican. His music style is bachata.
some of his songs and videos
His career
His beginning in the music were when Romeo was twelve years old, singing in a church. Since then he composes his own songs. As songwriter he follows two big musical legends such as Anthony Santos and Blas Duran.
As an Aventura´s member, Romeo Santos has been a figure in the bachata music. Romeo demonstrates that he´s a songwriter that he can create hits and conquer the audience´s heart. After that, on April 2011, Santos left the group to continue as soloist.
Principal albums:

As soloist, Romeo has only one album called "Formula vol. 1 ". In this album, the most popular songs are "You", "Mi santa", and "La diabla".
On 2006, Santos gets the "ASCAP" Award in the tropical music category.
Besides on 2007 he gets "Billboard" award for being the songwriter of the year.
Propuesta indecente OFFICIAL VIDEO
His fascination with music started when he discovered he liked Camilo Sesto, Manuel Alejandro, Juan Gabriel , Omar Alfano and Juan Luis Guerra.
Romeo always says :
"I always liked bachata, however it wasn´t the popular genre." He was leader, vocalist and song writer of Aventura.
Romeo Santos was in the Viña del Mar Festival 2013. He received all existing awards festival.
This song that is playing is called "La dibla".
This another song that sounds "You"
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