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Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment

By Connall Trott

Connall Trott

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment

Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment 1.1 State the correct procedure for reporting accidents and potential hazards. Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment At the first sign of a possible hazard of accident, you must: o Get first aid or medical attention as required.

o Inform the supervisor.

o Assist the supervisor in the investigation of the incident/accident.

o Make sure near miss accidents are reported. 1.2 State the correct response in relation to two emergency situations. By
Trott If someone is suddenly suffering from a heart attack, you must: Make the injured person comfortable and call for emergency help, like 999. If some is suffering from an epileptic seizure, you must: Protect the injured person when unconscious and get medical help (if necessary). 1.3 Identify the location and use of emergency equiptment, for example, fire/emergency alarm, first aid box. Fire alarms are always located by the entrance/exit door in workplaces, schools and colleges. Fires are not common in schools, but the fire alarm is there just in case of an emergency. First aid boxes are also located somewhere in the workplace, school or college, just in case somebody in injured and in need of medical attention. 2.1 Select and use relevent safety equiptment or clothing for particular tasks. If you were working as a builder, you'd be expected to wear a hard hat, rubber gloves, ladder safety device belts, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 2.2 Behave in a safe and acceptable manner, for example, maintaining a clean and tidy work area. Most, if not all builders these days, wear things called "visibility jackets". They were designed to be visible on any background no matter what time of day it was, meaning it could been seen during both night and day. 2.3 Use safe manual handling techniques, as appropriate. o You will need proper training.

o Pushing heavy loads is easier on the back than pulling.

o You must bend your knees. Keep your back straight. o Feet/shoulder width apart

o Plan and prepare the route in which you will walk when you carry heavy objects. No matter what job you have, you must always keep your workplace tidy to prevent hazards such as slips, trips and falls, damage to your hearing from exessive noise, falls from heights and burns.
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