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Dulux Paint

No description

Jazzmin Ho

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Dulux Paint

Kapferer's Band Identity Prism
Dulux's physique is the English Sheep Dog, where it is the brand mascot for Dulux. Dulux's paint is also known to be colorful. It's mission is to make the world a more vibrant place, so that people may feel the inspirational and uplifting effects of color. On every Dulux paint packaging, there is a Dulux logo with the blue background, white wordings and red straight line.
Personality traits of Dulux are that they are premium quality paints. It promises a superior brand experience and it is also imaginative. Dulux is also known for it's natural colors.
Dulux has a Do-it-yourself relationship with their customers. There is also a relationship, where Dulux offers professional services brought to life by experts on the advise of color, design and decorating needs of their customer. Customers are also encouraged to use the Digital Studio of Dulux, where they can visualize paint colors in any room.
Dulux has a Culture where paints are manufactured based in Australia and New Zealand. Customers are also inspired to paint with Dulux, whoever and wherever their customers are.
Users who used Dulux think others see them as being trendy, people who uses vibrant colors for their painting, people who love colors, and is having a superior brand experience. It also shows customers trust the brand 'Dulux' and their paints.
'Dulux' users see themselves as using the paint brand where, it is the world's leading brand. It is also being seen as using the paint brand where they are up to date with technology and innovation for paint
Kapferer's Brand Identity Prism consisted of 6 Dimensions of Identity.
Physique is the physical attribute of the brand, it could also be the brand's mascot.
Personality is the human traits of the brand.
Relationship is the nature of the relationship with the customers and the brand.
Culture is often related to country of origin, it also reflects the culture, values and beliefs.
Reflection is how does the user think others see them.
Self-Image is where, how does the user see themselves using the product or service of the brand.
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