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Siemens R&D

No description

geunwung park

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Siemens R&D

The objective was
R&D Trend
CT India
Home-Base-Exploiting Sites

Home-Base-Augmenting Sites
Sales of more than EUR 74 billion in 2011
Receive information from central lab & adapt products to local demand

Central lab
Foreign lab

Close to key markets
Leadership in hands of highly regarded managers from within
Reduce distance is key

Access local knowledge & send information to central lab

Foreign lab
Central lab

Located in central knowledge clusters relevant to business
Managers are prominent local scientists
Becoming insider is key to tap into host country

In Oct 2004, Corporate Technology opened a research laboratory (CT India) in Bangalore, placing it under the organizational umbrella of Siemens Information Systems Ltd(SISL)

Chose Electronics City, one of the major industrial parks in Bangalore, as the site for the R&D unit

4th largest market & ‘India’s Silicon Valley’

core targets at Siemens
Founded in 1847, SIEMENS is a
global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering
, today actively operating in more than 190 countries.
Over 405,000 people working for SIEMENS
Building R&D Labs
1. Being present in various knowledge & innovation clusters

2. To fulfill requirement of moving quickly from innovation to market

1.Once respected scientist or engineers & skilled managers

2.Able to integrate the new site into the company’s existing R&D network

3.Have comprehensive understanding of technology trends

4.Able to overcome formal barriers when they seek access to new ideas in local universities & scientific communities

Ideal Profile of R&D Unit Leader
CT India is a combination of both
Mukul Saxena
Indian engineer and manager

GE global R&D team in the US

Worked for automotive supplier for 4 years in India

rejoined GE to lead a 140-member research team with members in both Bangalore and Niskayuna, NY
Mukul Saxena
CT India
as an
in the
Indian market

-Driving his organization's
Siemens' existing research network

Siemens R&D Today
38+ inventions per workday
29,800 R&D employees
Over 1,000 research partnerships every year with universities, research institutes, industrial partners, and start-ups all over the world
We are SIEMENS 'Walking Billboard'
Globalizing Corporate R&D at Siemens
So, if SIEMENS is a person, what kind of person would SIEMENS be?
- A Gentle

- An established German company who is

in Electrical & Electronics Engineering


A strong
Taking Responsibility
Focus on customers
Focus on people
Focus on value
Net income of more than EUR 7 billion in 2011
EUR 4.3 billion in R&D in 2013
Never completely satisfied, always looking for better solutions, taking personal responsibility for progress and blazing new trails in technology – that's the innovation power of Siemens.
Siemens has been decentralizing its R&D activities since the 1980s
R&D is being conducted in 30 countries
Siemens Corporate Research(SCR) in Princeton, NJ, is the largest R&D center outside Europe

->support complex production tasks
“to establish a leading industrial research center, which will attract the best talent, promote cooperation with universities and research facilities, and allow Siemens to tap into India’s strengths, particularly with regard to information technology”

“doing research in India for the Indian market and successfully implement[ing] cost-effective solution there”
“How can we adapt solutions that cost $1,000 in the US to the Indian market, where they shouldn’t cost more than $100?”
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