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The curious incident of the dog

No description

nolalicca licsenborg

on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of The curious incident of the dog

The development of Christopher
Judy Boone (mother)
The curious incident
of the dog in the night-time
Christopher's impact on the parents
Conclusion and messages
Ed Boone (father)
Social conformity
To be different from others
Disabilities (autism)
Mentally disabled vs. visibly disabled
Becoming adventurous
Disobeying his father
Making choices for himself
Mrs. Shears' dead poodle
Murder investigation

Turning point (lies):
Letters from his mother
His father's affair with Mrs. Shears
His father killed the dog
Christopher is afraid of his father
Christopher flees to go live with his mother

His father rebuilds a relationship with Christopher, while Christopher builds a new one with his mother
a new perspective of life
Adventures and crossing boundaries
Be curious in life
how it feels to be an outsider
we all have our differences
Ed Boone - characteristic

patient, loving, caring and stubborn
Christopher's importance - alone

"Don't give me that bullock you little shit. You knew exactly what you were bloody doing."
Judy Boone

Volatile, impatient, dreamer
Couldn't handle Christopher
Decided to leave
Has a temper
"You are going to drive me into an early grave"
Characterization of Christopher
Christopher is 15 years old, but his autism stands in the way of his mental development

He is gifted with a unique & abnormal mind (a big knowledge)

His mind is very logical & factual
He sees the world in a fundamentalistic way (black & white)

Naive and incapable of lying, belives everything his parents tell him
He cannot understand jokes nor work in a social context
No friends, introvert, scared of changes or the unknown
Be kind to everyone
Outsiders are being judged - both on the outside and the inside
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