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No description

brice zogg

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Charles

Aaron Peel, Brice Zogg
Period 6 "Charles" by:Shirley Jackson Laurie is starting kindergarten and when he gets home from the first day. Laurie gets in big trouble, but he tells his parents it was "Charles" who doesn't exist. But in the end his mom finds out what happened. Determining Importance Connections T-S I changed when I went to school
my personality and how I dressed and
what shoes I wore. T-S Our class 2nd grade class bad troublemaker
everyday he would get in trouble
and sometimes I was involved and
I got in trouble. T-W In every class I think there is always a troublemaker or sometimes called class clown. Visualizing I visualized a nice town with nice people
and a good school to attend. I visualized Laurie's house, as a nice house and that red chair in the middle of the the living room. A nice family with a mastermind child. I could visualize Laurie's face when his teacher told his mom there was no Charles in the kindergarten. Questioning On my own Why did Laurie make
up the story of Charles?
Because he did not want
to get in trouble. In the book
What did "Charles" do to
make the little girl cry?
He bounced the see saw and
it hit her in the head. On my Own

Who is Charles really?
I think it is Laurie because the teacher said
there isn't a Charles and that Laurie was telling
the stories of what Charles did everyday, and he said Charles had to stay after and Laurie was late the same day. Synthesizing I thought that Charles was a bad kid till he had that
really good week so I started to think differently about it but then went back to being bad and had more trouble adjusting again. The other was I thought that Charles was real when I started to read this book, but at the end when the teacher said that there was no Charles I had to think is "Charles" really Laurie.
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