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Character Qualities on the story SPEAK

human rights

anna sandhu

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Character Qualities on the story SPEAK

Speak Main Character Qualities SPEAK Author
Laurie Halse Anderson Publisher
Penguin Group Copyrig
1999 A Presentation
by:Anna.S : ) Melinda Sordino is a really shy teen, hiding from kids at school.
She is quiet she keep stuff to her self.
Artistic, she says the only thing i like in school
is art. ht Definition The meaning of character:
a character is a person ,animal or a thing talked about in a play , a comic, in this case a novel.
character trait are how a character
feels or how the character reacts that help the readers tell what kind of person the character is. SHY ARTISTIC afraid ,lonely ,outcast
thinker,follower,sarcastic EXTRA Melida is really shy, she hate to talk (she wont tell any one what had happened last summer) ,she likes to keep stuff to her self ,so far in the book she didn't talk much to any one . OUTCAST on the first page she say that she is an outcast that she has entered high school with the wrong clothes , wrong hair ,and the wrong attitude.throw out the story the things she says about herself change. She starts dressing up nicely starts talking to people ,tries to be nice and also tries to keep up with Heather(she can talk forever!!!!!!!!!!).I think maybe at the end of the book Melinda will no longer be much of an outcast . THE ONLY THING THAT SHE LIKES AT SCHOOL IS ART AND MOSTLY ALL THE THINGS SHE THINKS
RELATED TO ART. some other
character are: David Petrakis , Heather , Melinda's friends from last year, the teachers,
and Melinda's parents The main character in Speak is Melinda Sordino in this prezi i will talk about some of Melinda's character qualities i think Melinda is .... THANKS FOR WATCHING !
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