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Meet Your Teacher - Mrs. Velasquez

No description

Amy Velasquez

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Meet Your Teacher - Mrs. Velasquez

Meet your Teacher - Mrs. Velasquez
My favorite things are...
Where am I from?
Married for 20 years.
I have one brother.
I have four nieces and five nephews.
Do you think I have kids?
Bayshore Marathon
Bayshore Marathon
Traverse City, Michigan
26.2 Miles
I also have two dogs!
Golden Retriever
One year old
Cocker Spaniel
Nine and a half years old
Favorite Places:
Cedar Point

Traverse City

Denver, Colorado
Cedar Point
Favorite Ride =Millenium Force
Traverse City, MI
Denver, CO
But they are super awesome young adults now!
Let's make it a great year!
I am excited to be your 7th grade language arts teacher at
Erie Middle School!!!
Hi, I am
Mrs. Velasquez
or Mrs. V
I sure do...
Grew up in Oregon
Went to University of Oregon
Lived in The Netherlands and Texas before we moved to Colorado
I graduated from CU Boulder in December 2011.
GO Buffs!!
This will be my 5th year teaching!
I Love Erie Middle School! This is my 4th year here.
The first time I practiced being in a classroom was at EMS with Ms. Martin.
How can we work together as we get to know one another?
Tell me about YOU!
1. Take a selfie of yourself, import your selfie into Notability, then type your first name, last initial on your selfie
EX: Amy V.
2. Type three words that describe you.
EX: friendly, hard-working, caring
3. What are some of your favorite things to do?
EX: hiking, reading, teaching
4. Share a dream you have for your life. Ex: job, place to live, goal for a sport or activity, any dream you have.
EX: write a book
5. Make it your own, be artistic, then submit on Schoology

I want to know what you think...
-20 years old
-Goes to University of Colorado at Boulder and lives on campus
-17 years old, almost 18
- Senior and POM captain at Boulder HS
-16 years old, Junior
-Loves soccer and
attends Boulder High School

This Summer
My top five

1) I swam with manatees

2) I spent wonderful time with my family in Belize,
Portland, Oregon and Destin, Florida

3) I read at least 11 books

4) I spent time with my puppies

5) I hiked a lot!

On the sticky notes on your desk write down
...what can students do to help a classroom run smoothly
...words that describe a positive teacher
...words that describe your perfect classroom environment
...what will YOU need to do to be successful this year
...our classroom should be ________ every day.
... Language Arts is important because ________.
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